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The most important things in life

When we say "the most important things in life", we are referring to things that matter so much in every human's life irrespective of gender, geographical location, race or language.

A lot of people have different views about what really matters in their lives. For instance, the famous Greek Philosopher, Aristotle in one of his works, The Nicomachean Ethics view happiness as one of the most important things in a human life.

Sometimes, what is considered most important can depend on one's location or current situation. For those in war zones, peace can be all they pray about. For the wretched, a peace of bread can mean the whole world.

In the modern society, people consider money and riches as the most important things in life; however, people who are already rich would counter this idea. Although the value of money in buying happiness is increasingly high in our time, happiness bought with money are not always sustainable.

It matters to be materially rich but the most important things in life are not just material things. Some things influence your entire life, without which you cannot live well. It is good to have money, build a house, and meet all the basic things life requires; however, there are some things that determine how you live your entire life.

Being alive and having life itself is important because without life, you cannot be here on earth. The end of life is the end of you and everything about you. Legacy sometimes lives on when life is over, however, it probably fades away with time. Every other thing is a factor of life; without life, there is no you. 

Life is not all about living it, there are some vital things you need to live a better and meaningful life. These are things that define life and measure the quality of the life you are living.

Below are the most important things in life that everyone needs to consider:

1. Health:

The status of your health or the condition of your health tells a lot about you and influences everything you do in life. Health is wealth and without good health, life is meaningless. One may not be free from health challenges; however, there is a level of health status that renders one ineffective in performing normal tasks.

When it comes to improving your living standard or living a good life, you need to work on your health and consider your healthcare a priority. Once health fails, every other aspect of you, including your life, may fail as well because your health influences everything about you.

You can improve your health by engaging in routine exercise, eating a balanced diet, taking enough rest, and following medical and health recommendations. It is good to consider your health in everything you do to live a meaningful life. Ignoring your health is one of the worst mistakes you should never make in life.

2. State of Mind:

People who have positive and sound minds live and do better than those with mental health challenges. Even when one has good health, money, and everything in life, without peace of mind, life can still feel meaningless.

The state of your mind influences every other aspect of your life, from your health to behavior and social life. Millions around the world are battling mental illnesses. This affects our society negatively because a fluctuated state of mind can lead to violence and antisocial behaviors.

Having a sound mind is a plus to anyone’s life and is as important as good health. Mental health can be more dangerous than physical illness. It influences your mind and your thoughts and your thoughts influence your entire reality of his life.

The decision you take when you are happy is different from the decision you take when you are sad. So, while you live your life, consider your mental health and your state of mind, and give them your utmost attention.

Try your best to avoid whatever may affect your mental health, lead you into depression or make you think negatively. A sound mind is a sound spirit and a precursor to realistic positivity. It is only a sound mind that can create positive thoughts that influence your reality positively.

3. Time:

Time as one of the most important things in life

Time is one of the most important things in life because your ability to succeed and live a meaningful life depends on the ability to manage and use time wisely. Time waits for no one and cannot reverse.

"It is good to do the right thing at the right time because when time is no more, it can’t be anymore." - Abas Obot

One of the devourers of time is procrastination. People keep thinking that there is enough time, unfortunately, time is limited inasmuch as human’s life is concerned. Once you are unable to meet your goals on time, it may not be easy to get them right again.

Your time as a child, youth, or adult matters. There are things you may never be able to do again once you exhaust your time as a youth. Time is also the measure of a man’s life.

Whatever you do consider time. Do not waste your time on unworthy things because time is very important. Time is life and wasting your time is like wasting part of your life.

4. Your Environment:

Your environment i.e., where you live, and the people and things around you greatly influence your life. Environment determines one’s lifestyle, eating habits, social behaviors, and beliefs.

The environment can also determine your health risk factor, safety, life expectancy, and the probability of success or failure. Yes, an individual in an underdeveloped society would find it harder to compete with peers from a developed society. This is because living in an underdeveloped society limits your access to vital information and innovative tools and platforms. Living in a poor neighborhood among unsuccessful people can make one poor and unsuccessful as well, while a developed society also influences one’s life positively.

The issue with the environment is that nature, sometimes, is the determinant of one’s environment. For instance, one can just grow up to find oneself in an undeveloped society and end up in an outdated lifestyle.

While you plan your life, consider your environment as well because it matters even in doing business. If you feel that your environment is limiting your potential or hindering your growth, you have to act very fast before it is too late.

The solution to problems associated with a bad environment is relocation. A change in the environment also changes environmental factors that influence life negatively and improves one’s standard of living.

Life, they say, is full of mistakes and nobody is above mistakes. We …

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5. Relationship and Friendship:

The people you associate with as friends, colleagues, loved ones, or partners play vital roles in your life.

People who have good relationships with others live and feel better than those who are in shattered relationships. This is because relationship status has a great influence on one’s lifestyle and state of mind.

When it comes to relationships as an aspect of life, friendship matters a lot. The quality of friends you have can determine if you are going to succeed or not, and can also determine your belief and influence your behavior and lifestyle. This is why it is good to consider the kinds of friends and relationships you keep.

Making friends with people with positive minds, makes you think positively. If your friends are narrow-minded, you may not also dream big to get to your desired destination.

Besides friendship, your romance life can affect your life both positively and negatively. Having a frustrating and nagging partner can destroy your life, your state of mind, and your ability to plan well.

Make friends with positive-minded people, build a link of good friends over enemies and leave any relationship that causes you pain and bitterness if you want to live a better life.

6. Money or financial status:

Your personal finance or financial life is an important aspect of life that can determine your living standard. This is because money answers almost everything.

You may have good health, good relationship, and live in a good environment but without money to cater to your basic needs, you may not feel good physically and mentally. Of course, it is hard for any relationship to go smoothly when there is no money to take up basic responsibilities.

You need money to play the roles of a father, husband, mother, or partner. Lack of money affects the aspect of health and personal care because without money it is hard to seek medical attention.

Money determines your social status and also functions as one of the factors to determine whether you are a success or a failure, rich or poor, responsible or irresponsible. Whether you accept it or not, our society is socially caste and money is the unit of social measures.

It is worthy of note that money is not everything in life. There are a lot of things that money can not buy and too much obsession with money can make you lose vital things in life, or even lose your entire life.

When you hunt for money, remember that money is not everything neither can it buy everything. Money is just one of the many other things that matter in life.

Note: In order to be free from challenges associated with money, you can search for jobs opportunities out there, or find ideas to improve your financial life. We have also published articles to help you turn your hobby into a source of income.

7. Family:

Family as one of the most important things in life

Family is a very important thing in life and one of the most important aspects of your social life. Friends have values but the family has a very great role to play. Irrespective of how bad a family might be, they may always be the last option when all friends are no more to be found.

A happy family adds great value to life. A terrible family can also make life miserable. It is important to give your time to your family and make sacrifices to keep its values. A man’s life cannot be complete without a family because family adds love and support.

Family in this case refers to a nuclear family which may not even need to be biological. You need to belong somewhere for life to have value. As a father, it is one of your roles and responsibilities to sacrifice and play your part in your family because your family is the best gift God has given to you.

8. Love:

Love is a very important thing in life, without love, life still cannot be complete. Love builds nations and brings people together. It builds good manners and connects family, friends, colleagues, race, culture, and nations. Without love, a family cannot function, no nation can succeed and no society can grow. Love is everything.

Love can come in different forms. Once you have love in your heart and around you, you can solve a lot of issues surrounding you. It is lack of love that causes chaos, war, terrorism, social inequality, and many issues we face in our world today. Avoid hatred and begin to spread message of love today.

9. Dream and purpose:

Life can never have meaning without purpose. A man without dreams and purpose is like a traveler who is traveling nowhere. Such a traveler is often referred to as a vagabond. It is dream or purpose that makes life worth living. If you want to live a meaningful life that is full of happiness and peace of mind, you need to have dreams and set life goals.

"Purposes are like compasses of life, if you miss them, you lose the way; and once you lose the way, it takes grace to find it' - Abas Obot 

What would be the need to be alive if life had no purpose? What would be the essence of human existence if man had no cause? Of course, any life without a purpose does not have a meaning and life without a meaning is worthless.

"The essence of having a purpose and setting life goals is not just because you are going to meet those goals, but because goals are the foundations of hope, faith and sacrifice." - Abas Obot

Success is a consequence of meeting a set goal. This means that without goals, no one can succeed or live a fulfilled life. It is a great mistake if one’s life does not have a goal because he/she would not be able to plan well. Unfortunately, many do not have life goals and many are yet to discover their purposes on earth. This is why the world is full of pains, disappointments and failure. For very successful people, goal-setting is part of their lives.

10. Wisdom and Knowledge:

Without wisdom, it can be hard for one to meet life goals. One needs to apply wisdom to live a fulfilled life. Knowledge is good and profitable but you need the wisdom to apply your knowledge in solving life’s problems.

It is important to have wisdom and apply it in every aspect of your life. Knowledge can be obtained through formal or informal education and experience. If you want to live your fullest, search for useful information around you and think about how to apply the acquired knowledge in solving your problems.

You cannot just set goals and think that you will meet up those goals without knowing the process involved and having the wisdom to apply that knowledge perfectly.

You can search for knowledge by reading books or getting a skill training. Learning new things, acquiring knowledge and engaging in some activities can help boost your brain cells functions and make get wiser.

Things that matter in life

11. Peace:

You need peace to live well. Lack of peace has destroyed many souls and lives around the world. You need peace to feel love and make money. No place or home without peace can succeed economically.

When there is peace in your life and around you, you can easily plan and live a better life. War is not friendly to human life and has to be avoided. You need peace in your family, home, country, place of work or business, and everywhere you find yourself.

Businesses can only strive when there is peace. No investor wants to go to war zones and there cannot be positive progress where there is not peace. Therefore fight hard to live in peace and promote peace because it is very important in life. One way to promote peace is to learn to forgive others and avoid hating your fellow human.

12. Skill, Learning, and Self-development:

It is important to develop yourself every day. You can develop yourself by reading, learning, or getting a new skill. Skills are very useful because it determines your worth and also tell a lot about your social value.

Invest in yourself and do more because life can be frustrating without one having the skill to live and compete effectively. Skill learning and self-development are very important in life and you need to consider them.

With skills you can survive and make money anywhere. Skills are as rich and powerful as knowledge. They may not earn immediate outcome but the future of a skillful individual is bright.

You can find a business idea if you want to go into business. It is still part of the life progress.

In conclusion, life is a short journey through this world. It may not matter how long you live but how you lived it. It is important to consider some aspects of life in everything you do to avoid old age regrets. Ensure that you do not joke with your health, time, peace of mind, and state of mind. Also, ensure that you consider your environment and the kind of friends you relate because they all have an impact on the others in your life. The above are just the most important things in life without which your life can never be complete, however, there are many other things in life that matter.  God matters over everything in life, without God, life cannot be complete.

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous June 5, 2023 at 8:03 PM

    I'm not sure about the relation between money and happiness, money doesn't buy happiness, never

    • AI Tech File Team
      AI Tech File Team July 11, 2023 at 8:20 PM

      Yes, you are right but money can buy things the bring happiness. Money can provide the basic needs to the family which in turn brings happiness. You can't be happy when there is no food to eat and no place to live. That's how money plays vital role in making one happy.

    • Abas Obot
      Abas Obot October 26, 2023 at 6:36 PM

      Yes, money cannot buy happiness but it is hard to be happy when you cannot afford any food. The fact is not whether it can buy happiness or not, it is that fact that money is very important in life. Thank you for your responses.

  • Hannah jonas
    Hannah jonas December 7, 2023 at 7:50 AM

    This is really helpful. Thank you for sharing this informative blog post.

    • Abas Obot
      Abas Obot February 4, 2024 at 1:11 PM

      Wow! Thank you so much, Hannah I am glad you like this article. Please don't forget to check in always for more. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications whenever there is a post.

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