22 Life-Changing Habits of Highly Successful People | A Guide to True Success

22 Life-Changing Habits of Highly Successful People | A Guide to True Success

Habit refers to an individual's lifestyle, values, and behaviors that are shaped by their social environment, upbringing, and what they do most often.

It is the combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics that an individual has acquired throughout their life and that influence their outlook, behavior, and lifestyle. In other words, a habit is an action or behavior that is repeated so often it becomes almost automatic and the individual involved sometimes becomes unconscious of it.

Habits are typically learned through repetition and can be difficult to change. Examples of habits include bathing before going to bed, brushing your teeth, reading, drinking coffee, or checking your phone when you wake up, praying hourly, and more.

It is no secret that habits can make or break us. Habits determine our level of success in every area of life, from our finances to our relationships, marriages, and everything in between. Habits can either be good or bad. A good habit is our lives, well-being, and entirety.

Bad habits may look beneficial at the beginning but in the end, cause damage to one's life, business, and career. Therefore, a bad habit is detrimental to an individual's well-being, personal growth, and other aspects of the subject's life.

The good news is that we have the power to change our habits and create new, life-changing ones. In doing so, we can create the life we’ve always dreamed of – a life of success, joy, and abundance.

If you want to be successful in whatever you are doing in life, you need to develop the right habits. Highly successful people have certain habits that they live by – habits that have helped them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

In this article, we are going to share 22 of these habits with you. By adopting these habits into your own life, you too can experience the same level of success as the world’s most successful people. Although it is hard to build a good habit, a step forward can make a difference. So, let’s get started!

Below are the 22 Life-Changing Habits that Highly Successful People have

Habits to make you successful

1. Highly Successful People Set Goals and Achieve Them:

Successful people are goal oriented. Being goal-oriented encompasses setting a goal and fighting hard to achieve that goal. This is possible because people who are bound to succeed know what they want, and they go for it.

It does not mean that they are sure of the route they are taking, but they make the choice and target that goal without allowing distractions to change their course. Someone who wants to succeed has to set goals and get more concerned and focused on achieving them.

Goals are the compasses of life. Without a set goal, life is aimless, and one may lose focus along the way as challenges set into the business or career.

In a Book title, "Rich Habits Study", Author Tom Corley, said that after five years of his research, he realized that only one thing separate the rich from everyone else, and that one thing is dream-setting. Corley found out that every rich or successful people spend at least 60 minutes daily on dream setting activities.

2. They Have Positive Mindset:

Successful people have positive mindsets in whatsoever they are doing. They are not pessimists but optimistic about life and what the future holds for them. It is that positive mindset that enables them to focus on their set goals even when things do not move smoothly.

Businesses do not just bloom; there come tough times, but successful people keep positive to their dreams, hoping for the good time to come, and they finally get it right.

3. Successful Belief in Themselves:

Believing in oneself is what makes a major aspect of successful people. Without believing in oneself, one cannot have the confidence to take on difficult tasks even in uncertain situations.

Motivations may not always be there; it is faith in oneself that endures when there is nothing to motivate. It is this faith that gives highly successful to take risks even in difficult situations and remain hopeful for a positive outcome and a successful end.

4. They Develop Themselves Through Reading and Learning:

Habits of Successful people: A Guide to True Success

The world has every knowledge anyone ever needs to succeed written down in books or writing. Unfortunately, only a few people have a passion for reading.

A book one reads can transform one’s life forever, that is why most highly successful people spend their silent time reading and learning new things that can change their lives.

Show me a man who likes reading and gaining new knowledge, and I will show you a hidden star who is like a time bomb waiting to explode to greatness.

Reading and learning new things can improve the skill and knowledge one already has and can correct mistakes one had already made thereby helping one to succeed in any field of human endeavor. Reading is an aspect of self-development besides learning skills.

5. Good Time Management:

Successful people do not joke with their time because they believe “time is money” which literary means that time is valuable. While others think time is limited, those who are focused on their successes do not complain about the limitation of time, but they aim at optimizing their limited time in accomplishing their set goals, that is what time management is all about.

Time management is one of the main habits that can boost one to greatness because it helps one in goal setting and measurement of one’s progress in business, career, and academics. Proper time management is one of the main keys to success.

Many have lost great opportunities because of their inability to manage their time properly. However, highly successful people make their schedule with wisdom and optimize every single time and opportunity they have.

Highly successful people do not waste their time on things that do not matter or things that do not add value to their lives. For more on time management and how it can help you set your life goals, read our previous articles on How to Effectively Manage Your Time.

6. They Build Positive networking/Connections:

Successful spend time most of their time connecting with positive-minded and inspiring people who can help motivate them toward success.

Connection is one of the most important aspects everyone needs to succeed, and one of the most important things in life. The truth is that people who do not have social and professional connections and good networking have a very less chance to succeed.

Even the most successful people make most of their time connecting with other successful people within their locality and around the world. All the richest people and most successful people know themselves and network with each other. That is why their businesses flourish and become global.

Having good relationships, connections and networks is one of the most important things in life. That is the reason successful people do not joke about good relationships.

7. They Focus on Solutions:

Successful people place their focus on finding solutions instead of complaining about the problem. What this means is that they sought means to break their barriers and the problems facing them.

They know that problems are inevitable, therefore instead of spending time complaining and worrying over problems, they focus their energies on finding lasting solutions.

8. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle:

Healthy lifestyles help boost positive-mindedness and enable people to plan well. Health is wealth and without being healthy, one cannot do anything.

Very successful people in business, academics, or any profession do not waste their time on lifestyles that would distract their attention and ruin what they have built for years. No matter how successful one is, a little unhealthy behavior can destroy all one's efforts and ruin reputation thereby killing one’s dreams of success.

In addition, highly successful people engage in healthy physical activities like exercise. Exercise has numerous benefits, from improving physical health to boosting mental health. Highly successful people understand the importance of physical and mental health and prioritize exercise in their daily routines.

9. They are not Afraid of Taking Risks:

Risk-taking is one of the first attributes of successful people. Risks are one of the main steps to implementing a new idea that can yield a great outcome. Successful people are risk-takers. They do not focus much on the failure they may encounter but, on the loss, they are bound to suffer if they fail to try.

One needs to be a risk taker to be able to invest or begin an unpredicted business, and that is what every successful person you find around is good at. Staying in their comfort zones because of the fear of failure is one of the main reasons most people do not succeed.

22 Life-Changing Habits of Highly Successful People | A Guide to True Success

10. Successful people are Proactive Planners:

Proactive planning is the process of designing the desired future and then inventing ways to create that future. In other words, it is the process of dreaming the future you want, putting down strategies to attain that dream, and working towards it.

Successful people plan ahead of time, and they do not shake away from their focus because they ready know their destinations. Planning helps one to prepare for uncertainties. Highly successful people always save and prepare for unexpected events and plan for unimaginable futures.

11. Highly Successful People Flexible and agile:

Being flexible in this context means being agile to take up challenges and adapt to changes in times, environment, society, and other surrounding factors. Successful people are flexible and adaptable. They do not allow tough time to let them down.

They can fit in anywhere and remain focused on their goals. They like comfort but can as well survive when there is none. They are agile and able to transform with changes around them.

12. Delegating and Outsourcing Tasks:

No one can be an expert in everything or know how to do everything. Often, it is necessary to work around experts and coworkers who can do the work you are not good at.
When you assign tasks to people who can handle them perfectly for you, you are not only going to have a great output, but you are giving yourself time to make other decisions.
Most business, for instance, fails because they were run by single individuals. Highly successful people do not take all tasks, they employ great minds and delegate those tasks which give them better results. Outsourcing is also a way to help one take up different tasks in a shorter period.

13. They Take a Stand:

Highly successful people do not follow the multitude. They take a stand and make the best decisions best on what they feel will have the best outcome. Recall that successful people do not fall to distractions. They remain focused and what people say does not matter much to them unless it is necessary. Taking a stand makes them able to be firm even when others mock their effort or failure.

14. Being Passionate:

Passion is one of the key factors that drive success. People have a greater chance of success when they are passionate about what they do.

Most highly successful people are those who pursued passion over mere materialism. There are several stories about people who read medicines, law, and other courses that their parents and society demanded but they end up making it big in football, writing, and/or other fields they were more passionate about. Check out someone who is highly successful in life, and you would find someone very passionate about what he/she is doing.

15. Staying Focused:

Highly successful people do not get distracted. They are focused and goal-oriented, as we explained in the first point. Being focused on one’s objective is very important.

That is why when you monitor successful people, you realize that they have a lot of things that would have distracted them including the good life, media blackmail, criticism, and stock market fall, among others, but they are not shifted from their courses.

Highly Successful people do not lose focus

16. Prioritizing Tasks:

Successful people know that they can’t do everything, so they prioritize tasks and focus on what will bring them the most success. There are a lot and bulky things one feels he/she is supposed to do. The fact is that you cannot do everything at a time. Some things are more important than others.

Identifying those priorities is the key to greatness. Successful people, already know what matters at a moment and what can be done later. They take decisions based on the scale of preference. Most highly successful people do not accept events that take them unaware because they have already planned their way.

17. Having Good Communication Skills:

Communication is a process of receiving and sending information. Good communication skill is a key to a high level of success because it helps one to share information and assimilate vital aspects of a conversation that can be beneficial to one’s interest.

Most highly successful people are good communicators. They use their skill to get want they want and command success for themselves. This alone makes them great leaders and successful commanders.

18. They Exercise Self-Discipline:

It takes self-discipline to be a highly successful person. It takes self-discipline to remain focused and endure challenges and distractions.

Even investing or saving money for a business, no requires self-discipline because there are several things around that can easily cause people to misappropriate their income. Very highly successful people have self-discipline and that is why they strife against all odds.

19. Creating Opportunities:

Highly successful people are those who see opportunity everywhere, every time, and in every way. They do not miss opportunities and when there is none, they create opportunities for themselves.

Yes, opportunities may not always come, but even if they come, good opportunities are rare. It takes one to create an opportunity from where there is none to succeed.

20. Innovation and inventions:

Highly successful people are innovators and inventors. They bring out ideas that were never in existence and invent things that were never in other people’s imaginations.

The ability to create ideas makes them outstanding in society and defines a steppingstone toward their success. People who abide by the status quo do not make it far. But successful people believe in invention, innovation, improvement, and change.

Habits that can make you successful

21. Hard work and diligence:

Highly successful people do not condone laziness. They believe in hard work and are diligent in their commitment. They make sacrifices and remain faithful to their tasks. It is their hardworking mindset that enables them to meet up their time management schedule and beat the competitions they have all around them.

Highly successful people often start their days early, allowing them to get a head start on their day and stay ahead of their competitors. They do not compromise procrastination or weakness.

22. They choose the right mentors:

Most highly successful people were able to break the rock of their successes through mentorship. Many difficulties people find in business, academics, and career result from the fact that they lack good mentors to lead them through.

One cannot succeed in a business or career without discovering the secrets of that field. A little guidance from a good mentor can turn the page of the book. If one wants to have a breakthrough in a course of life, having a mentor is a very important step ahead.

In conclusion, there are many things that successful people do differently than the average person. One of the most important things is that they have habits that help them achieve their goals. Successful people are always learning, they are disciplined, they take risks, and they are resilient and focused on their goals. They also have a positive attitude and are persistent. These are just a few of the things that successful people do differently. If you want to be successful, start by adopting some of these lifestyles/habits.
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