11 Worst Mistakes You Should Never Make

Life, they say, is full of mistakes and nobody is above mistakes. We all make mistakes, sometimes on daily basis. When we talk about mistakes, what comes to mind are common errors or what we may refer to as simple blunders.

Simple mistakes come in several forms such as making the wrong spelling of words, overdosing your soup with excess salt, forgetting to zip up your trouser, or releasing the gaseous mess in the public. These kinds of mistakes come with minor or no consequences and mostly occur regularly.

Worst mistakes you should never make in life

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There is another set of mistakes that should be averted at all costs. These are known as life mistakes. The claim that “No one is above mistakes” does not sound humorous when it comes to this kind of mistakes. The consequences of making such mistakes can be so severe, and can leave a scar of regrets that lasts forever.

Below are some serious mistakes you should try to avoid at all costs

1. Failing to pay attention to yourself:

Paying attention to yourself includes taking care of your health and safety, and listening to yourself when it speaks.

  • Neglecting Personal Health:

Everything about you is very important and needs that you give attention to. Your health, safety, and vigor are the most important aspects of your care besides wearing nice clothes, and smelling great. Without good health and wellness, you may not be able to do anything.

Your health status is the unit measure of your life clock. Your work, daily engagements, and everything you do is not as important as your health. The most unfortunate thing about health is that you may not value it until you lose it.

The effect of negligence on your health and other aspects of self-care can bring expensive consequences. Most people die from minor sicknesses that could have been prevented just because they neglected the warning signs on their bodies before the sickness escalated. It is, therefore, crucial to pay attention to yourself, do routine exercise, eat a balanced diet, engage in proper hygiene and personal sanitation, if possible, go for regular medical checkups. 

Also, your mental health is very important. Stay away from anyone or anything that can cause your mental health to deteriorate. Anyone or thing that causes you a rise in blood pressure or headache does not worth your time and attention.

"It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver"-Mahatma Gandhi

  • Not listening to oneself:

Besides the aspect of health, listen to yourself when it speaks. Do you feel you are in danger? Respond immediately as your mind tells you. Yes, we are naturally 'programmed' to be able to discern dangers around us.  

Do you feel that you are in a wrong business deal or a wrong relationship? Listen, pay attention and try to find the way forward without delay. Most people that find themselves in bad situations had warning signs from within but refused to heed those warnings. Meanwhile, you do not need to respond to everything your mind tells you unless you analyze that it is for your good.

If your negligence causes your health to deteriorate or puts you in danger, you will realize that everything you ever dedicated your life to was not as important as your health and the attention you give to yourself. 

"Everything you dedicate your life to without having time for yourself will cease once you fail to exist in good health."-Inspired Scoop

Note: Paying attention to yourself does not mean overthinking. If you find yourself being too mindful about yourself or lost in thought, seek help to avoid depression.

2. Making the wrong choice in marriage:

The choice of who you marry is one of the most important things to be careful about in life. If you dare make mistake about who you marry, you may spend the rest of your life in pain and regrets. Your partner is supposed to be your closest and most trusted friend. If your partner is playing the role of your enemy, you can imagine the kind of risk and the level of destruction that may cost your life.

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There is no correction to mistakes associated with the choice of choosing a partner. You may think divorce is the answer, but the consequences of divorce haunt you forever. What do we mean? In every divorce case, one or both partners live with the pains and cost of that decision. Besides, you may not even be alive to seek divorce when things go wrong. A lot of people had contemplated divorce but it became too late for them.

"It is better to be alone than to find yourself confined in a deathtrap thinking it is marriage"-Inspired Scoop

The consequences associated with the wrong choice in marriage may be immediate or at old age, and may even have effects on the generations of your children. If you find yourself in a toxic marriage, it might be hard for your life to remain the same again. Therefore, it is important to be careful while choosing a life partner.

Aside from direct consequences, your partner also determines the quality of life you live and the nature of your children. So, if you want to spend the rest of your life in suffering, bitterness, frustration, and grief, If you want peace, joy, and happiness to become your enemies, marry the wrong person.

Do you feel like you have already made mistakes in the aspect of marriage? Do not worry, follow this page. Our next article will tell you what to do.

3. Failing to set life goals:

It is a great mistake to live a life without goals and objectives. “What are my plans? What do I want to accomplish in the next two years or before my old age? How can I accomplish this or that?”, These are important questions to ask yourself to be able to set life goals.

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Without objectives, you may not be able to accomplish anything in life. Even as a student, if you do not plan for your next step after graduation, you may still fail in life. This applies also to businessmen and everyone. Goals are the cores of life and help you to be focused and optimistic about your daily undertakings.

“Without vision, there is no mission and no goal, and if there is no goal, you are like a vagabond who knows no way home” Inspired Scoop

4. Not building a career or learning a skill: 

The value of our lives relies on several factors such as having the means of earning a living. It is a great mistake to fail to go to school, build a career or learn a skill. No one jokes about this aspect of life without regret.

"The future depends on what you do today"-Mahatma Gandhi

Your failure to build a career does not only have negative effects on you but hurts society in general. When there is no means to earn a living, you can end up engaging in crime or become an irresponsible individual. If you want to avoid regrets associated with this, it is not too late to learn a skill, a trade, or go to school. You may still survive as a youth through a little source of income but there is a stage in life the reality shall unfold.

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5. Building bad habits:

It is easier to begin nurturing bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles than to stop them. Bad habits are dangerous to you and the people around you. Many drug addicts and immoral actors wish they could stop but they cannot. Whether the bad habit has to do with lifestyle, table manners, or posture, there is a moment when the consequences would manifest.

"It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them"- Benjamin Franklin

You mustn't begin what you will not be able to quit if you know that it is going to bring negative outcomes. There is regret in addiction, many addicts live and die with that regret and guilt. As a youth, the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle may not be noticeable but it will surely manifest at a time would not want it. If you are already an addict, do not panic; there is a way forward.

6. Being careless about your finance:

Money is not everything but almost everything demands money. Being careless about your financial life may include living an extravagant life or not making investment plans. No matter the kind of job you do or how much enters your account monthly, it will all end in regret if you do not use that money wisely.

Yes, you may still end up in bankruptcy if you are careless. Do not always think that more money is coming, you may lose your job any day or face unimaginable challenges associated with your financial life. So, while living big as a rich celebrity or a blessed common man, ensure that you do not place your financial life at stake through a lavish lifestyle and careless spending.

"Spending money unnecessarily more than you invest is the best way to remain poor, but spending more than you earn is the same as signing a life contract with poverty"-Abas Obot

If you are poor and have a low-income source, you need to accept that fact and find a way forward. Do not be contented with low income because it will not help you to actualize your dreams on time. Remember, you need to plan for your old age because the people you think will take care of you at that time may disappoint you and leave you in your misery.

How much do you have? How can you manage that money in order not to go bankrupt? How can you optimize your spending? These are questions to ask yourself.

7. Failure to optimize the best moments of life:

Every single moment of your life is important, but some moments of life are unique. That little moment with colleagues in school, with your family and friends, or at an event can be a moment you would regret that you did not use well.

Many orphans wish they spend enough time with their parents because when their parents were alive, they did not know the value of being around them. Whether you are a nuclear family living together or a group of friends hanging out together, ensure you feel each other to the fullest. 

There is a moment of separation when you may never be able to meet each other again. This applies also to college students. The opportunity you have within the walls of the college would only flashback after your schooling years.

"Best moments are unique, miss them and have them no more"-Abas Obot

Every moment is unique and will never repeat itself. Ensure that you do not joke with every important moment of your life if you want to avoid regrets. Many of those who played around in their youthful days are living with regret at old age. The fact that you have the opportunity to spend time with your friend and family, get admission into the college, and find yourself at the event is a grace you must optimize fully.

8. Not building good relationships:

Money adds value but people are the greatest values in life. No matter who you are and your level of achievement, you need to create good relationships with people around you. Everyone may not like you but value and respect the few people you have in your life. Do not make the mistake of not making good friends or having ties with your family.

"A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for a time of adversity"-Proverbs 17:17

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Create time with your immediate family and ensure that you feel a sense of intimacy towards each other and love yourselves. 

Even if you have no biological family, there are strangers out there ready to treat you as a family if you give them chance. There is a point in life you would regret that you did not make good friends or create connections with people around you.

Do you find it hard to have good relationships with others because of grudge or certain forms of sentiments? Read 15 inspiring ways to avoid hatred.

9. Failing to train your children:

Training your children begins with nurturing them, disciplining them when they go wrong, correcting their mistakes, showing them the right paths to life, and giving them proper skills and educational opportunities. If you fail to do any of the above, you may end up in regret, especially at old age. 

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it"-Prov. 22:6

Parents' love for their children is unique and undeniable. Unfortunately, the context of what love all about remains a problem in families and society. This is why some parents are so loving that they cannot discipline their children. When such children grow up, they lack orderliness, manners, and moral standards. Also, failing to send them to school or making them learn a skill can render them useless in society and cause a lasting burden on you.

No one would like to have irresponsible children who engage in crimes, live miserable lives, and even beat up their parents. One of the ways to avoid regret is to ensure that you train your children properly. It is your responsibility as a father or a mother to train up your child.

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10. Living a fake life:

One of the worst mistakes in life is living a fake life. Do not pretend to be who you are not. It is good to deny oneself because no matter how much you can pretend, there is going to be a time of exposure. You cannot always succeed in hiding your true color.

Fake life can lead to people expecting much from you when you do not even have anything to offer them. It is said that many very poor people tend to make others think they are well to do. Fibbing about your true identity will always result in shame and regret because once your true self is finally revealed, it may be hard to bear the consequences.

You need to accept who you are. If there is anything you do not like about yourself, then work on that aspect of yourself and perfect it.

11. Trusting your life on people and expecting much from them

No matter the level of relationship you have with people, placing your life on them can always lead to disappointment. Sometimes people do not fail because they want to but because of circumstances that even themselves cannot control.

It is good to love and be loved but once you give out the whole of your heart to others, you are in danger of facing disappointment and regret. Even parents fail their children. So, if you do not want to regret in life, ensure that you do not put all your trust in people or expect much from them.

Conclusion: Most mistakes, whether simple or serious, cannot be corrected. Once you become a victim of your mistakes or wrong decision-making, a lot of people who were around or even supported your bad decision may no more be there. It is also important to know that most mistakes in life are made during youthful days. As a young person, it is good to be careful about life and understand that every decision you make has some rewards which may be good or bad.

"The best way to escape the consequences of mistakes is to avoid them"-inspiredscoop.com

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