11 Top Reasons You Should Not Hate Others

Why you must not hate others

Hatred is the feeling of intense dislike and bitterness towards something, someone, or a group of people. It is an act of aversion and hostility. It can be hating someone’s character, name, background, or even someone’s personality.

Reasons You Should Not Hate Others
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There are many reasons people hate and many signs to know if someone hates you. Such reasons include personal or collective offenses, racial differences, ideological differences, opposing views, competition, social incompatibility, lack of forgiveness, background history, and circumstances. Unfathomably, many can even hate without any obvious reasons.

You should avoid hatred at all costs, irrespective of how convincing the reason for hating might appear. Do you wonder why you should not hate?

Below are ten reasons you should hate no one:

1. Hatred is dangerous to your health:

Medically, hatred increases the level of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These (stress) hormones are released during flight and fight; however, in a prolonged large quantity, they can cause weight gain,  insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and chronic illness, and can even affect blood pressure levels in the body. In an article published by medicinenet.com, a high level of those hormones can affect the overall mental health of an individual. Yes, bearing a grudge is one of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself because hatred is as harmful as poison to your body, mind, and soul.

2. Hatred Can Make You Engage in Hate Speech:

Once your mouth is full of hate speeches, you can be forced into a corner of no escape. Hate speech is considered a crime under international laws. It is highly condemned in the Synopsis of the United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech. In most places around the world where there is a high number of religious and ethnic radicals, hate speech can lead to mob attack or ‘jungle justice’. Also, mass media, social media, cooperative organizations, and society can place you on the ban because of hate speech which may, in turn, negate your reputation. If you want to avoid the implications associated with hate speech, avoid hatred.

"Hate speech is in itself an attack on tolerance, inclusion, diversity, and the very essence of our human rights norms and principles. More broadly, it undermines social cohesion, erodes shared values, and can lay the foundation for violence, setting back the cause of peace, stability, sustainable development, and the fulfillment of human rights for all." (UN, 2019)

3. Hatred is Addictive:

Once you begin to hate, you nurture a feeling that may escalate to something you may not be able to control. Just like every other habit, hatred is addictive, proactive, proliferative, and, in some cases, transferable and transgenerational. Hating a colleague at work can cause you to transfer that aggression to your family, friends, and can affect your day-to-day social life.

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4. Hatred is Detrimental to Our Society:

Hatred is, unarguably, one of the major causes of xenophobia, racism, and intolerance – including rising Christian persecution, anti-Semitism, islamophobia, war, terrorism, inequality, negligence, societal instabilities, and other socio-political vices in our society. If people were living in love, our society would be free from those social issues.

5. Hatred Leads to Bitterness:

Although the bitterness is one factor that causes hatred, otherwise is also the case. Once you inculcate the habit of hatred, you would be filling bitter most times which in turn can emanate to other negative consequences.

6. Hatred Can Lead to Crime:

Hate crime is a common term in our modern society. It is one of the major crimes highly classified by the FBI. There is a high probability for one to engage in criminal or immoral activities against someone or people he/she hates. Such crimes may include but are not limited to homicide, terrorism, robbery, arson, and others. The cause of the global terrorism index may be attributed to hatred associated with religious and political sentiments.

7. Hatred is a ‘Game of No-Gain’:

In some instances, people receive rewards and compensations to be part of a shared hostility. To such people, they may feel they have gained in their evil association; however, no amount of reward can compensate for the implication of hatred. The consequence of hatred is negative to the hater and the hated.

8. It Influences Your True Identity and Personality:

Hatred affects your true character, behavior, or manners. It can make you act cruelly towards someone when in reality, you are a kind individual. Besides, you cannot always behave normally around someone you hate. If you want to be free from behaviors that can define you negatively, one step is to avoid hating anyone.

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9. Hatred Reciprocates:

If the person you hate realizes that you hate him/her, the person is bound to hate you in return. If you are not fortunate enough, the counter hatred might even be more dangerous to you. Some people can not spare their enemies, they can go miles just to cause them pain; sometimes, death. Hating someone can make you a victim of hate as well. I believe you would like to face such consequences.

10. Some People You Hate are Innocents:

As we stated in the first paragraph of the page, many people hate without obvious reasons. But think about those hating other people due to rumors and unconfirmed reports and gossip. Hating someone because of hearsay can make you hate innocent people around you.

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11. Hatred Affects the Mood of an Individual:

Hating someone can make you feel terrified once you meet that person. It incites suspicion, fear, discomfort, sadness, and suppressed mood. These can make an individual appear moody and sick.

In conclusion, hatred is a dangerous habit that must be avoided. Once you begin to love people around you, you would have a sense of joy and peace within your heart. In every perspective, there is no gain in hatred, it is all a loss.

Do you find yourself struggling to avoid hating someone? Do you want to be free from the sting of hatred?

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