10 Signs that Someone Hates You| How to Know Your Haters

Signs that someone hates you

You cannot please everyone; even if you do, some people can still hate you for no reason. Yes, someone can simply hate your personality.

No matter how good or how bad you think you are, there must be someone who hates your manners. Most hatred result from previous offenses. However, you may not necessarily need to offend people for them to hate you.

One of the social challenges you may face while interacting with others is that some haters do not expose their true identities. They come as friends, colleagues, or close relatives.

It is dangerous if you cannot detect that someone hates you. The essence of knowing your haters is not to hate them back. It is not good for you to hate others because hatred comes with consequences.

Why You Should Know Your Haters

It is important you know who hates you for the following reasons:

1. Knowing your haters can help reconciliation process:

Some people you offend are not open enough to express how much your action hurts them. They may end up keeping malice against you. Realizing that someone hates you because of your fault or offense can help you consider how to reconcile with them.

2. Knowing your haters enhances your safety and security:

Haters can be dangerous, at times. Once you know that someone hates you and can harm you, it will be easy for you to play safe and associate carefully around them. This can save you from attack or physical harm.

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3. It helps you to make some amendments:

Knowing if someone hates you will help you to make some corrections. You will not like to keep sharing your secrets with a close partner, associate, or friend, who is a secret enemy.

4. Knowing your enemies clears doubt:

You may be wondering who leaked your secret, who betrayed you, or why things are not going as you expect. You may wonder why the person is behaving strange to you. Once you can confirm that the person hates you, there will be no more room for doubt.

5. Being able to identify your haters is an eye opener:

It is not proper for you to go to places that your haters meet. Once you can tell who hates you, you will know who and where to avoid. This can keep you safe from danger and betrayal.

How to know your haters

Here are 10 Signs and How to Know that Someone Hates You

1. Red light in body language:

Body language entails nonverbal communication which may involve facial expression, attitude, or body movement. You can know when someone hates you if his/her attitude towards you is bad.

If someone who is nice to others always maltreat you, it is a sign that the person dislikes you. Your haters will not treat you kind. They will scold, frown at you or act strange around you.

Some body language signals may include but not limited to nagging, distancing, inattentiveness, frowning, muttering, among others. Once you receive those negative body languages from someone, it could mean that the person hates you.

2.Constant condemnation:

Someone that hates will always condemn everything you do. If a friend, relative, or colleague always condemn everything about you, do not ignore it. It is normal for people to dislike some aspects of you because you cannot always be right but haters dislike everything about you.

Haters would condemn your dressing, your behaviors, your voice, and your walking steps. Meanwhile, you should be able to differentiate condemnation from correction and advice. Condemnation here means that the individual condemns even your good works and good manners.

3. Lack of appreciation and ungratefulness:

Ungratefulness, sometimes, is a sign that someone hates you. Even an ungrateful person appreciates someone he/she loves. Those who love you would always appreciate you when you show them a little act of kindness.

Ways to know that someone hates you

An enemy cannot appreciate your sacrifice, even if you choose to sacrifice your life.

If a loved one begins to be ungrateful to everything you offer to him/her, it means he/she does no longer love you. Constant lack of appreciation is a sign of hatred.

4. Inconveniences in eyes contact:

Eye contact can tell if someone likes or hates you. Most times, people who hate will avoid having direct eye contact with you. If you are very close to someone, then realize that he/she suddenly avoids having direct eye contact with you, something is wrong. You can suggest someone’s emotion by looking directly into their eyes. For this, many haters do not allow direct eye contact.

Prolonged glaring can be a sign that someone hates you. Some haters would stare at you with rage and bitterness. You have to know if their eyes communicate love and admiration or disgust and bitterness.

5. Opposing opinion:

Someone who hates will always stand at the opposite end of your opinion and suggestion. This does not mean that a friend should always say “yes” to whatever you do.

“I like friends who have independent minds because they tend to make you see problems from all angles.”- Nelson Mandela

A good friend must oppose your view when you are wrong. Nevertheless, if someone always opposes your opinion and suggestion even when every other person accepts that you are right, it can be a sign that the person hates you. Before you reach this conclusion, think about why the person is against you and how often he/she opposes you.

Constant opposition is a sign of hatred. Friends are partners, not opponents. People oppose each other because they share a different belief, or they simply dislike each other or their ideas. Friends are supposed to be people of like-minds.

6. Backbiting and blackmail:

Backbiting is a sign of hatred. Anyone can say something behind you, even friends. Of course, no one is perfect. Those who love you would always say good things about you, even in your absence. Only haters try all means to blackmail and condemn you.

Back-biting, evil gossip, and lies are signs associated with hatred. Anyone who uses those tools as weapons against you dislikes you.

It is hard to know when people say bad behind you, but if you are lucky to realize that they do, then you are ahead. Meanwhile, you need to scrutinize every report that is hearsay before believing it.

7. Constant Exploitation:

Someone who likes you cannot take advantage of you. If someone constantly exploits you and uses you as a fool, there is no love in that person; he/she is only pretending to love you. This happens so often in relationships and marriages when love turns sour.

Exploitation is a sign of hate. Your enemy isn't concerned about your pain; they want you to always lose. They will take advantage of you and abandon you in the end.

8. Confrontation:

Some haters will say it to your face that they hate you, and it is the simplest means to clear your doubt. “I hate you” can be used as an irony to “I love you”. It all depends on who says it, when, where, and how it is said. But do not take some statements for granted. It can be a confession.

Constant physical abuse is a sign of hatred

9. Physical Abuse:

Anyone who constantly abuses you physically dislikes you. Physical abuse is a sign that someone hates you. Someone who loves you would treat you kindly.

Do not endure constant abuse for love. A friend cannot attack, injure or kill you, only those who hate you can harm you.

10. Social and cultural background:

If someone treats you harshly, and you are doubting if it is a sign of hatred, you can go back in time to find the answer. Where are you from, where is the person from, and had there been any historic irregularities between you?

Some tribes and religions already lay the foundation of hatred in our society. You would hear people saying, “I don’t like people from X tribe or religion”. If you observe all the above signs of hatred in someone, then knowing their social, cultural, or religious background can clear your doubt.

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Racism, religious hatred, ethnophobia, anti-Semitism among others can make people to hate each other. That people can hate for no reason does not mean that they just hate. There might be a reason that is unknown to you.

You cannot live without someone hating you. Although it is not necessary to know all your haters, you must know your relationship with the surrounding person. It is for your safety and a better social life. However, it is essential to spend most of your time in cultivating love than to search for an enemy. You must learn to avoid hating others irrespective of how much they hate you.
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