15 Inspiring Ways to Avoid Hatred

What is hatred and how do you avoid hatred?

Hatred is the feeling of strong dislike toward something, someone, or a group of people. Although there are natural consequences for hating others, a lot of people in our society still find it easy to hate.

Meanwhile, there are many out there who wish to free their minds from hatred and live in harmony with others but they, sometimes, find it difficult because their minds had already been adulterated with elements of hatred and hostility.

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Do you feel guilty hating someone? Are you in the category of people struggling to live above hatred and the burden of bitterness?
15 Inspiring Ways to Avoid Hatred

Here are 15 ways to avoid hatred towards others

1. Make forgiveness a priority: 

setting your mind ready to always forgive people does not mean that you are weak. It shows your strength to moderate situations around you.

Forgiveness is a key to happiness, peaceful coexistence, and a way to freedom from grudge and bitterness. Once you build up a forgiving mind, it would be hard to hate. Most times, hatred results from unforgiven offenses.

"There can be no love without forgiveness."- Abas Obot

2. Change your perspective:

Christian persecution, islamophobia, antisemitism, genocide, xenophobia, and other forms of hate mostly result from the fact that people think they are the only ones on the right side of the game.

Begin to see things from a different perspective, and the other way round. Your standpoint may not always be right.

Get information from different sources to understand other people’s notions and why they also have the right to freedom of their beliefs and practices.

"Everyone cannot always be you”-Inspired Scoop\ 

3. Have Empathy

Place yourself in someone’s else position and imagine how they feel. How would you feel if you are hated? Would you feel good or bad? Of course, everyone needs to be loved and forgiven. If you need people to love and not hate you, then do the same to others around you.

4. Avoid mutual animosity:

a high number of haters hate for what they know nothing about. I mean, they hate because others do.

It is weird to hate innocent people who have never offended you just because they belong to a certain religion, tribe, race, or family.

Do not be hostile to people because other members of your organization, religion, family, tribe, or association do. Sometimes you need to handle issues individually; the way you feel, not what you are told to do.

5. Filter every piece of information you receive:

You do not need to dance to every tune. Whether you are in religious gatherings, school, home, or office, be selective of the information you receive.

Avoid every form of message, sermon, or teaching that would make you hate people around you or sermons that would radicalize your mind. When the communication is not clear or lacks enough data to attest, question it before allowing it to impact your life.

Also, do not accept or respond to bitter history with bitterness. That your ancestors were taken prisoners does not mean you should hate the descendants of those who took them prisoners; it only means that you should find reasons not to be taken hostage as well.

“Some information is available for self-awareness, not necessarily for a counter-reaction.”-Inspired Scoop

6. Avoid jealousy:

Do not envy people’s achievements or lifestyles. If they succeed over you, appreciate and celebrate with them.  You might be the next person to succeed. Jealousy can lead to bitterness and hatred.

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7. Do not discriminate:

It is wrong to think that your belief, religion, race, tribe, or lifestyle is the best. Once you begin to discriminate against people, you may end up nurturing bitterness against them. 

Nurturing bitterness against an individual creates room for more feelings of bitterness toward others who, sometimes, might not even need to offend you. This is the cause of racism, religious intolerance, and other collective forms of hatred in our society today.

8. Make peace with yourself:

Sometimes hatred can be a consequence of certain feelings that has been nurtured over time. Try to figure out what your worries are. Are you depressed, mistreated, or tormented by someone or circumstance?

Call yourself to a meeting and try to make peace within yourself. If you do not love yourself, it may be hard to love others.

Self-love, self-care and self-forgiveness are the basics to make peace with yourself and if you don't make peace with yourself and learn how to forgive yourself, you cannot forgive others. Lack of forgiveness leads to hatred.

The Holy Bible says, “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. This means that you need to love yourself before you can even think that you can love people around you.

9. Get your mind off it and keep yourself busy: 

Take your mind away from that thought that makes you hate someone. Get busy to keep yourself distracted from negative thoughts because your thoughts do influence your real-life experience. This is hard to do but it is simple.

We are not talking about self-isolation here but doing something that would divide your mind. If the person you hated was an old friend, you can try to make new friends.

10. Avoid agents of hatred:

By agents of hatred, we mean objects or persons that ignite a memory or feeling of hatred.

Do you have a diary you write down offenses or pictures that bring bitter memories? Is there a book that contains information to make you hate others? If yes, tear them away, trash them. Is there someone that always tells you bad about others every time?

Dissociate from such a person or make them know you do not like gossiping. While doing this be careful not to miss vital information that is important for your security and wellbeing.

11. Keep a distance:

If being around something or someone makes you hate them, it is not bad to keep a distance from such a person or thing. If your current residence is full of hate, it is a good decision to relocate. If your religion preaches hatred, get free from that bondage.

“You and the people around you are the ones to bear the consequences of your lifestyle, not your religion or cult.”- Abas Obot


12. Take things easy:

You should not be serious about every issue. Sometimes, let it just go. If you take every offense serious, it may lead to anger and prolong anger can lead to hatred. In this case, effective anger management can help you to avoid hatred.

13. Let love lead you: 

Show love to everyone and treat people kindly. If love takes over your mind, there would be no room for hatred.

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14. Read and meditate on materials that can keep you in love and harmony:

It can be a religious verse, a novel, an article, or a poem. This website provides a lot of information that you need to help yourself. You can as well subscribe to our YouTube channel to have more access to our resources.

15. Consider the cost and the consequences of hating someone and why you should not hate.

Click here to read about the dangers of hatred and why you should not hate.

In conclusion, build up a heart that finds no blame for others. See the positive sides of others and neglect their fouls. Yes! There must be something good or positive in every individual. Fish out one good aspect of every individual around you and cherish it over their dark sides.

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”-Nelson Mandela

You can manipulate your thoughts to go positive towards the someone. This is a game of embracing only the good aspect of an individual and ignoring their fouls. Hatred is not good for you, and it must be avoided at all costs.

Do you doubt if you hate someone? Check out for signs of hatred.

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