These 10 Inspirational Quotes Would Prevent You from Giving Up

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There are moments life becomes so dreary and grim. Sometimes when you keep trying and it does not work out you may feel the world is against you. No, life does not always go the way we want it but that does not mean that you are in combat with the elements of life.

Challenges are nature's ways of testing our strengths and weakness; only the strong like you overcome challenges. If you feel low and discouraged after a long trial, do not give up. Encourage yourself by all means.

You can take a moment to inspire yourself with quotes, poems, books, and other useful materials you find around.
Here we present to you 10 quotes that would give you reasons not to give up:

1. Giving up is not the solution to that problem, so, it should not be an option.

2. Don't give up on any dream; once you dream it, you can make it realistic. It is just a matter of time and commitment.

3. There are people who believe and look up to you secretly, they wish to be like you; you are their role model. Once you win, they would celebrate and refresh their hope, but if you relent, you betray a multitude and blur the hope of many.

4. There comes a dry moment when you seriously feel it is time to start over; a moment when you are constantly spinning between life and time in the dark hollow of irreversible age. But you are not yet a loser until you finally give up and ignore the power within you.

5. Whatever comes your way is not the end of you. It's just a path you have to go through. Your turnaround moment can come at any time, even now.

6. Many have given up right at the point they were about to meet their ultimate success. That is a great tragedy you should never take part in.

7. When passion fades away, attitude and virtue suffer a setback. Build up passion for that task if you want to keep going.

One of the best things you can do to yourself is to always begin every day and …

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8. The force that enabled you to start is still there to lead you through it all, you just need to feel its presence and keep trying.

9. A long work in pursuit of a sound purpose is far better than a foolish endorsement of a swift chase of vain. No matter how long it takes, keep pursuing it.

10. When passion fades away, attitude and virtue suffer setbacks. Build up passion for that task if you want to keep going.

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