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About Inspired Scoop

Inspired Scoop is an inspirational, self-help, health/wellness, and personal growth blog and online publishing company. We offer articles, tips, and resources on a variety of topics including inspirations, motivations, self-development, goal setting, time management, productivity, relationships, marriage, positivity and more. Our content is categorized into articles, poems, quotes, books and other useful resources, with the ultimate goal to guide our readers to a satisfactory living. We inform, educate, inspire, motivate, mentor and coach.
We also affiliate with our digital agency, Inspired Scoop Digital Services to offer a variety of online digital services including web design, digital marketing, copy writing, eBook publication, content creation among other.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our readers with practical and actionable advice that can help them improve their lives and inculcate a sense of positivity.

We aim to provide a fresh and unique perspective on various topics, and we hope that our readers will find our content useful and inspiring to help them live over the negative influences of this modern society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading inspirational, mentorship, and coaching network; and extend our service provision to charity and a social support NGO.

For us to render charity services, we look forward to sponsorship and support programs. Nonetheless, we are still working to update our services to the taste of our audience to attain our ultimate goals.

Our Services

Besides our primary services, Inspired Scoop is affiliated with a team of workers, bloggers, and freelancers that can offer you several other unrelated services such as book publication, advertisement, website design, etc. This service is offered through Inspired Scoop Digital Services.

Our eBook publishing service is powered through direct publication and cooperation with affiliate publishers with strict adherence to standard copyright laws.

Our service provision and operational guidelines are bound by our Terms and Conditions which you must read before using any of our services.


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Founder: Abasiama Akpan (Abas Obot)

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