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Law of Attraction| How The Mind Works

The universe is a complex collection of algorithmic modules, a mathematical matrix of void that self-programs into reality via a set of natural principles. Your mind is the pattern that connects you with every other thing around you because you are a part of the universal components. For the mind to perform its function efficiently, it has to employ certain codes of thoughts and other complex programs that enable it to connect you with your environment.

What you think works in unison with certain universal principles to bring your thoughts into reality. If you keep thinking positive, the laws of positivity influence your life, bringing positive energy of the universe your way; if you think negative, otherwise is the case.

The above paragraph is often paraphrased as the Law of Attraction which states that 'positive thoughts brings positive results into a persons life'. Unfortunately, negative thoughts seem to dominate the earth, attracting negative energies that make negativities prevail in our society today.

"The status of any society is a consequence of the dominant character of thoughts of the members of that society. In simple sentence, a society can only be evil only if the thoughts of most members of that society are evil."- Abas Obot

Telepathy| The Mystery of Minds Communication

Power of the mind and thoughts

Have you ever wondered why, sometimes, when you feel like calling someone on phone the same person calls within a few moment? Do you wonder why people we make mention, sometimes, tend to either come around or relate within a short while? Do you wonder why night dreams, sometimes, come into reality? Some think it is all a coincidence, but what about those whose night dreams and sleep visions always come to pass? It is the act of your mind, the real you connecting and communicating with the universal reality in which you are part of the complex system.

It is possible for one to feel uncomfortable in a room just because he/she does not like the color of the paint used in the room. But what exactly are colors? Colors are just reflected or refracted wavelengths of light after the absorption of other wavelengths by an object. For instance, an object is blue in color because it absorbs other wavelengths (red and green) but reflects blue. The aspect of finding certain colors favorites are just the works of the mind. 

It is possible to feel attracted to a stranger while some other person feels hostile towards the same individual. It is possible to say things and it comes to pass. It is your mind that draws the pattern that communicates everything around you, and it is that pattern or code of information that determines how you see things and how you feel towards something. 

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Our minds communicate such that we can discern the thoughts of other people, share their feelings, or even know what would happen the next moment around us. There is also a direct form of mind communication where different people can send and receive information, a process known as Telepathy. Telepathy is the purported vicarious transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction.

The term telepathy was first coined by F. W. H. Myers in 1882 who defined Telepathy as the "transmission of thought independently of the recognized channels of sense".

Fred in one of his books, Dreams and Occults stated, "By telepathy, we mean the alleged fact that an event which occurs at a specific time comes more or less simultaneously into the consciousness of a person who is spatially distant without any of the known methods of coming into play. There is, for example, the phenomenon of thought transference which is closely allied to telepathy and, indeed, can be identified with it without much difficulty. It is held that psychological processes, ideas, state of excitement, volition, which occur in the mind of a person can be transferred through space to another, without the usual means of communication (word or sign) being employed."

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Our minds can communicate through our thoughts because there is something between us that connects. The truth is that we are not only communicating with ourselves but we communicate with everything around us. This is where faith comes to play, why prayer works, and why meditation changes things because at these modes the mind's vibrational energy is raised such that it is more connected to nature as the entire body is in an 'excitation state'. It is this mind communication that plays a vital role in performing miracles and magic.

Faith, Miracle and Magic| Mind Influence

Mind and thoughts and miracle

You can say miracles are performed in the name of Jesus, yes! But do  you wonder why some Christian believers can perform miracles and while some can not? It is because of the level of connection between an individual's subconsciousness and super-consciousness (through faith, prayer, meditation, or belief) and physical/spiritual surroundings that enable such individuals to speak to nature or command an event to change in form of miracles or magic.

Jesus Christ often told the sick "Go! Your faith has set you free...". Why does faith has to be the keyword in performing miracles? It is because faith is the mechanism of influence and connection between the mind, nature and the physical reality.

The Bible states categorically that Jesus did not perform miracles in his hometown because they did not believe in him. Their mind already altered the possibility of them benefitting from the power of God's healing because the mind controls the reality. It is the central system of connection between man and other universal existence.

Fact: The argument about whether God exists or not will continue for ages because the idea of existence is a mind construct. God is an eternal entity that can only be felt and communicated in the higher realm of human consciousness, not the senses. It is your mind that can feel and know God. Any other knowledge of God without true conviction within the mind is nothing but a false caricature.

Mind and Thoughts| Medical Perspective

Medical scientists have proven the connection between quick recovery with the well-being of the mind.

Power of mind medical perspective

In one of his papers published on PubMed, Oakley Ray on his quest to review some of the social and behavioral factors on the brain that influence health, illness and death states that "The brain is the body's first line of defense against illness, and the mind is the emergent functioning of the brain." A positive mind can go a long way as to healing the body, yes.

"Belief systems provide a baseline for the functioning brain upon which other variables act and have their effects"-Oakley Ray

Mind and Thoughts| Scientific Perspective

In quantum mechanics, the universe is made up of matter which comprises of atoms. An atom is a cloud of protons, and neutrons, surrounded by electrons, according to the Electron Cloud Model. When an atom is bombarded with strong energy, it disintegrates into its constituent sub-atomic particles which just exist as mere photons (light), a process known as Radioactivity. At this point, a matter that once had mass and occupied space becomes space itself (light) and exists as a massless void of energy.

Power of mind, Electron cloud model of an atom
Electron Cloud Model of an Atom
Source: Audrey Bebensee via Pinterest

Albert Einstein in his law of (special) relativity gave an equation E = mc² (in which E stands for energy, m for mass, and c² is the speed of light square. The above equation provided by Sir Albert Einstein shows that matter and energy are interchangeable.

Our body is made of chemical compounds, electromagnetic radiation, static electricity, and a lot of other energy forms. There are proves that our brain emits radiations known as biophotons even during sleep. The more advanced the brain, the more energy is released, and the photon emission is influenced by certain practices like meditation.

The brain transmits information as electrical signals through nerves. This shows that our body works with the help of different forms of energy besides chemicals obtained from food and electrical energy within the nervous system.

New scientific research is on going to prove the existence of dark matter (A form of matter thought to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe). If dark matter truly exists as scientists claim, using the word 'dark energy, would not be out of context.

The universe is a complex system. You are part of the "void" complexes existing now in a form. When you die, you are going to exist in that original form in either nature that cannot be described in this context, some call it THE SOUL. You are just a dot of the complex patterns that form the universe. You are eternal, you can not evaporate from the universe but you can only change form.

Medical sciences are beginning to prove that an aspect of us exists after death as a consciousness. Yes! There have been several near-death experiences that show that life is a mystery beyond what we see and know. Remember "Matter can neither be created nor destroyed". Even when matter is destroyed during radioactivity (nuclear bombardment) and turns to photons (the photons are just energy quantum just like light and other electromagnetic radiations, EMF). Now consider the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but changes from one form to another. That is how the universe is conserved.

Power of your mind, thoughts and reality

In a paper published on the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics co-authored by Robert Lanza (a stem cell and regenerative medicine expert famous for his theory of Biocentrism) claims that consciousness is the driving force for the existence of the universe. Lanza point of view is that we are not separate from the physical world but that the world is created by our minds as we observe it.

Lanza's theory of Biocentrism is based on the notion that space and time are byproducts of the "whirl of information". However, in this new paper, the key point is that observers ultimately define the structure of physical reality itself.

Mind and Thoughts| Religious Perspective

King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 stated that everything is vanity and void. In this context, the wise king was speaking about the reality which can be proven scientifically. However, just like science, King Solomon did not emphasize the concept of reality and his context of vanity as related to the mind.

Mind and thoughts image

The Holy Bible emphasizes the need for us to harness the power of our minds by manipulating our thoughts. The words/clauses faith, belief, fear not, be still, etcetera, are all emphasizing the power of your mind to manipulate realities.

Mind Power and How Thoughts Influence Reality: Conclusion

The only gain you have in life is to think and live positive for positive things to come your way. When you think positive, you become positive, and your positivity influences everyone and everything around you. This would turn our society and the world at large to a confinement of positivity.

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Nothing should be scary like when your thoughts are going negative. You may wonder what is scary about it. The answer is simple: Negative thoughts attract negativities into one's life and influences the world negatively.

A lot of pains people face in life, negative addictions and evil doings result from negativities that already occupied their minds but later manifest as action, character, behavior, habit, or even lifestyle. The choice of food, clothing, and words we say to walking steps, all emanate from the subconscious mind which sends signals to our empirical makeup (the senses).

Although the sit of the mind remains a mystery, it is believed that the heart and the brain play vital roles in our consciousness. It is this subconsciousness that controls our whole beings, it is you and all, and it is that which exists after your physical body is gone in death. Therefore, people are not supposed to hurt each other nor destroy nature itself because we are all 'part of the whole'.

The power of the mind by Inspired Scoop

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The mind is the center of joy, peace, sorrow, grief, love, happiness, hatred, decision-making, conscience, and personality. Guiding you mind means guiding all of you and all around you. What you keep in your mind is what comes out as your thoughts and thoughts influence your action, decision, attitude, feeling, and your entire reality.

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