Lush Green Meadows Poem by Inspired Scoop

Lush Green Meadows is An Aesthetic Reverberation

Lush green meadows
Brimming with fragrant flowers,
Borderlands to joy,
Pathways to success,
Playground of the blessed,
In the companionship of,
Friends and loves,

Lush Green Meadows Poem
Photo Credit: Corina Ardeleanu

Behold your roses bloom,
Spew out fumes of sweet fragrance,
Let your borders get boomed,
By the bright colors of thy pink hibiscus,
And your verdant cynosure crowded,
with evergreen lilies of the valley,
That shall never wilt nor wane,

Lavish many with water of life,
That gushes from your living rocks,
May honey and milk flow,
From thy jasper cliffs,
And your fine sands as fine,
as diamond crystals,
With golden rocks beneath thy impervious aquifer.

Grow on thee paradise trees,
No thorns nor wild beasts,
Baobab is not smooth enough,
But selective shrubs of the mangrove,
Give no way for twines,
Let legumes and spinaches,
Spread amidst the dominant jasmines,

Thy fine evergreen trees,
Nested by sweet singing bluebirds,
The likes of Mr blue jay,
The sweet singing nightingale,
The calm looking finches,
And the laughing sounds of the white doves,
Celebrating the beauty of thy sunrise,

The sky above thee free from clouds,
With bold rainbows by the winter day,
Thy sunset horizons subject to arts,
And beautiful glow of Venus with Countless stars,
By the night of thy summer sky,
Thy fields shall never wither,
By summer or winter.

About 'Lush Green Meadow'

Lush Green Meadow is an aesthetic reverberation written to echo the beauty of a figurative entity. The poem expresses how 'Nature' expects its entities to optimize their natural gifts and endowments to bless Nature itself.

The beauty of a flower is meant to beautify the environment and give pleasantry to the eyes. The rose smells nice to freshen the air. Plants store food to feed animals and men. The ocean is vast to harbor a great number of creatures. The Sun shines to brighten the earth while the sky protects the earth from the scorching Sun.

You are endowed with beauty, power, fame, and glory; no doubt. I can see you feel proud over those natural gifts and glory. However, everything nature offers to you is to add value to nature itself. You have in abundance in order to be able to give to others.

This also poem celebrates the beauty of lush green meadows featuring the vibrant colors of nature such as the blue sky and yellow flowers. It speaks to the joy of taking time to appreciate the small pleasures in life, and of allowing oneself to be filled with peace and contentment. The poem also touches on the idea of finding solace in nature and the healing power of being surrounded by its beauty. It encourages readers to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and to be grateful for the simple gifts it provides.
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