The Pages of My Old Book

The Pages of My Old Book

The Pages of My Old Book Poem by Inspired Scoop

The pages of my old book,
Keep my memories of yesterday,
Every smile, every tear,
Every person that came my way;

Keep records of my hustling days,
Keep it safe but don't replay,
Underline my loss and gains,
Don't edit my ease or pains,

Asterisk the times I've failed,
Every  care and travail,
Count the times you brought me joy,
And the years of aimless toil,

Show the world my steps and trail,
Let them see how I've prevailed,
Don't forget my childhood plays,
And my wowing life relays,

Let them know that when I fail,
It's not because I ain't trying my best,
And if I happen to derail,
It doesn't mean I've gone astray,

May be I've taken what's not mine,
Or snatched away my neighbors wife,
May be I've murdered innocent soul,
Or reaped away a cruising sole,

Now my book of yesterday ,
Heed to  what I'm about to say,
Yesterday has gone its way,
Today is a brand new day,

Do not bring my past mistakes ,
Neither put my fouls at stake,
Burn away all bad memories,
And focus on my new stories,

Who don't want to let go it ,
Can live and dine or die with it,
Who still wants to read  my past,
Will never have a proof to cast,

Tell the world that all my cries,
Have reached the Lord above the skies,
Tell my friends that if I fly,
They shouldn't  fail to 'woohoo' my pride,

Tell whosoever wants to hate,
That my life has gone beyond 'regret',
I am now a light to shine,
And no one can change my time,

Oh my book of yesterday,
I've set a new record today,
Now is when my life begins,
And  can never be infringed.

About "The Pages of My Old Book Poem"

Published: 2022
Poet: Abas Obot
Genre: Lyrical Poem

This poem is an expression of a person's journey through life - from their childhood, to their attempts to make something of themselves, the mistakes they have made, and their eventual growth and success. It speaks of reflection and the importance of letting go of the past and looking towards the future, with a desire to live life to the fullest and be proud of who they have become. The narrator speaks to their old book, giving it instructions to not keep track of their bad memories, but to instead focus on their new stories. It is a message of hope and resilience, of looking back but not being weighed down by the past.
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