Is Marriage an Achievement? A Frequently Asked Question

When marriage is an achievement

The benefits of marriage cannot be overemphasized. The fact that people marry for some reasons or purposes simply means that marriage can make someone meet certain goals in life.

The Cambridge dictionary defines achievement as something successful, or that is achieved after a lot of work or effort. It also means something remarkable that has been done or achieved as defined by the Collins dictionary. The verb "achieve" means "to successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage".

Before one can conclude whether marriage is an achievement or not, one needs to answer the following questions:

1. Does anyone feel like he/she has met a desired objective as a result of marriage?

2. Does marriage bring a sense of fulfillment?

3. Does marriage add value to some people’s lives?

4. Are there people who accomplished something greater as a result of marriage?

5. Are there people who constantly wish they were married?

6. Is there anything to gain in marriage?

The Answer to all the above questions is “YES”.

If finding a partner was a challenge, then meeting someone you desired can bring a sense of fulfillment. Many have been able to further their studies, start a business or achieve greater things through a combined effort with their partners.

Some people wish they were married, and even have to go farther to the point of fasting and publicizing their grievance, some even get into depression. Yes, there is a lot to gain in marriage. But this does not answer the controversial question about whether marriage is an achievement or not.

Whether something is an achievement or not depends on an individual. A man who has built a hundred mansions for himself may not see building a hut as an achievement, but a homeless fellow would glorify his little acquired hut.

Take a college degree for instance. Many feel they have achieved something after graduation; however, not everyone benefits from the certificate, they spent many years to achieve. Therefore, your perspective about marriage depends on your sense of judgment.

The fact that marriages fail is not enough premise to condemn marriage and its role in the society; after all, businesses fail too.

It is not compulsory for everyone to marry, just like not everyone can afford a college degree or a car. Of course, not everyone finds joy in their marriages. Nonetheless, even if your spouse can not give you the joy you feel you deserve, some other persons may be giving joy to their partners. Something can only be an achievement if it adds a long-desired value or solves a certain problem an individual had.

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A man who has a hundred cars may not see buying a bicycle as an achievement. In contrast, for a young boy from a poor background who just began to struggle for means of conveying himself to school, buying a new bicycle may have the same value as an aircraft. This is because of the problem-solving value the new bicycle brings.

Inferring marriage as just a routine deal, maybe to have the support of who would provide for you, wash your clothes, cook for you, and give birth to children that carry faces like you, are some of the reasons marriages fail.

Couples who see their marriages as a purposeful union do better and accomplish more. Unfortunately, only a few people are selfless and ambitious to see beyond personal interests in relationships and marriages.

A happy marriage is better than an achievement

One of the greatest contributions you can offer to our world is bringing up awesome children with great virtues that would transform society. If you were able to touch 20 lives, you can train your children to grow up with great impacts on a hundred lives.

According to experts, the best children are those whose parents were happily married to each other. A happy marriage improves the children's mental health. Marriage is so important and important that making any mistake in marriage can have a great negative impact in someone's life.

In conclusion, considering marriage as an achievement is a wrong connotation. The values, benefits, and roles of marriage in our society make it more worthwhile than any other form of achievement one can ever imagine. In other words, a happy marriage is far more than an achievement.

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” —Mark Twain

Marriage is a great feat and a greater accomplishment. Acquiring a human as a life partner is more valuable than acquiring a house, car, or certificate. We are social creatures; we need each other to survive, and marriage is the strongest intimate institution. Irrespective of the level of challenges, there is hope in every marriage that is yet to reach an end.

Disclaimer: This article is not written to create a sentiment or discriminate against people who feel not to marry or those who have not had the opportunity to get married. It is written in response to a mail from our followers and as general information for those who get confused by such questions concerning marriage; and to counter the negative influence of social media on marital counseling and relationship successes.

You have a choice to marry or refuse to marry; besides, circumstances are not always in favor of everyone. Just like not everyone can afford a car or land, marriage should not be a tool of discrimination and stigmatization but an institution that portrays love, peace, and family values.

Why Marriage is more than an achievement

Furthermore, if you have encountered failure in your marriage, you can still work it out. Also, if you have the opportunity to get married, clasp it and see it as a great feat and an opportunity to rise to a higher level of your social life.
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