40 Sweet and Simple Romantic Messages for Your Spouse | Strengthen Your Marital Bond

40 Sweet and Simple Romantic Messages to Your Spouse | Strengthen Your Marital Bond

How Sweet Romantic Messages Can Strengthen Your Marital Bond

Romance is one of the top factors in strengthening relationships and marriages. While being romantic may have different meanings, it all end in one objective: making your spouse happy and feel the love as it is.

It is one thing to love and another thing to maintain the heat of that love for a long time. The inability to effectively communicate love in the language a spouse or partner understands has left so many marriages and relationships in the cold room. This makes effective communication skills a necessity in marriage. 

One of the known romantic ways to communicate love and feelings in order to strengthen marital bonds, build trust and transform marriage and relationship through exchange of spoken or written words (messages) between partners.

Sending romantic messages to your spouse in form of text, voice, email or handwritten letter can do a lot of wonders in your marriage.

Why You Should Send Romantic Messages to Your Spouse

Below are some of the reasons you should share sweet romantic messages with your spouse:
  • Messaging your spouse creates strong bonds in marriage and relationships.
  • It can change the story of your marriage by increasing your feelings, making both of you emotionally alert and always want to hear from each other.
  • It builds trust. This is because the more you make someone know that s/he is the only person in your life, the more you make him/her believe you are serious about it.
  • Messaging your spouse can solve issues in your relationship and settle misunderstanding.

When to Send Romantic Message to Your Spouse or Partner

You can send messages to your spouse at any time and anywhere. When you are happy, when you have misunderstanding or during romantic moments and what have you. You only need to ensure that your message follows the context of the moment.

You don't need to be far away from each other before you can send a romantic message to your spouse. While at work, you can share how much you miss him/her since morning.

You can send the message while both of you are in different rooms, maybe one in kitchen and the other in bedroom. Do you know what such action can do to both of you? It creates strong connection, trust, and sense of admiration.

The question: why does he/she send this message when we were together just a moment ago will keep flowing and makes your spouse have much more curiosity towards your emotions.

Written messages often times sound more sincere over direct conversation because during direct communication, body language can alter the intent of the message if not proper communicated.

Dos and Donts While Sending Message to Your Spouse

When you message your spouse or partner, there are some behaviors that can alter the intent of that message and even destroy your marriage if not well managed. That is why we provide below dos and donts while sending romantic messages.
How Sweet Romantic Messages Can Strengthen Your Marital Bond

The Dos While Messaging Your Spouse

  • Send only genuine and sincere messages that come from your heart to your spouse.
  • Let your message to your partner be romantic. Even if you want to ask for something, include a sense of romance. That is what makes you serious in his/her life.
  • Employ pet and romantic names while texting your partner. Names like "Sweet, Honey, My Treasure, My Angel, My Queen, or My King, etc." makes sense.
  • You can include a sense of humor or funny jokes in your message but ensure it is in accordance with the context.
  • Make your message clear and concise.
  • If you are close to your spouse, monitor his/her mood before sending a message. Message sent at the wrong time can be vexing. Imagine sending a message demanding for money when your spouse just got robbed by fraudsters?

The Donts While Messaging Your Spouse or Partner

  • Don't ever send your spouse a message to express your anger or to curse him/her. The message will pass a stronger negative feelings over physical communication.
  • Avoid the use of abbreviations while texting your spouse. It kills the feelings.
  • Avoid the use of incomplete sentences, especially, when replying to a message sent by your spouse. Example, if your spouse sends a message with clause, "I love you", don't reply with "me too or same here". You have just killed and buried a precious emotion in seconds. And if you continue, it can be detrimental to your relationship. Instead, use a stronger and complete clause like "I love you too, my Treasure", with this, you have won a heart for yourself.
  • Do not make mistake of sending message meant for your spouse to the wrong person. Always ensure you check very well before sending.
  • Message is not a medium to discuss deeper emotional subjects. Don't ever ask through message, "do you still love me?" Keep such communication to when you meet.
  • Avoid long messages. Short messages create much more impact and a feeling of wanting to hear more from the sender.
  • If your spouse keeps ignoring your messages without feedback, relax, don't send them again.
  • Avoid chocking your spouse with too much messages.

Examples of Sweet and Simple Romantic Messages to Share With Your Spouse

Examples of Sweet and Simple Romantic Messages to Share With Your Spouse

1. There is a deep sense of you in me, something that makes me feel like I can’t breathe without you. I need you so much, Honey.

2. Sweetheart, words are not enough to share how much I love you. It makes me sad because this feeling is too heavy for me to bear it alone.

3. Sometimes I act as if I rule, but right within me, I know you are the king/queen of my world.

4. I don't like reading, but I wish I can read you like a book to know why you are so charming, my Angel.

5. The pleasure I find in you makes me understand what it means to enjoy life. Sometimes it feels like I'm already in paradise.

6. I've spent months contemplating on my past to where I am today. What wows me most is that meeting you is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.

7. The world is too small in size to compare the breadth of love I have for you. All I wish is to remain in your heart always as you are already in me.

8. I've never thought I can be mad, but here I am, 'crazy for you'.

I'm here to support you in any way I can. I may not have much, but you own all of my world.

10. Everyday reminds me of how I met you, every night replays the memory of our first time together and every moment gives me reasons to be with you always.

11. I am not a fortune teller to predict tomorrow, but I am so convinced that my future with you is as beautiful as rainbow and bright as the summer's sun.

12. We've been together for years, but looking back, it feels like a journey of yesterday. Baby let's be together forever more.

13. I have mansion, I have jewelries, I have money, but the only treasure I have is you.

14. I accepted to be single forever because I thought it was my fate; but since I met you, being alone has become my greatest fear.

15. If “beauty” is the word to describe a beautiful flower, then there is no word to describe how beautiful you are.

16. I am known to be strong and fearless, but you make me prone to fear, the fear of ever living a life without you.

17. “There is no true love”, they say. I can’t tell if they are right or wrong. One thing I know for sure is that what I feel towards you is stronger than love.

18. Amidst several challenges, in the rain or under the sun, in glorious day or darkest night, I'll always be there for you.

19. I appreciate everything you do to me. I'm very grateful to have you in my life.

20. Honey, I am in awe of your strength and courage, it makes me so proud of you, my hero.

Romantic messages to spouse or partner
21. I'm so lucky to have you as my spouse. As much as I can recall, winning your heart is my greatest prize in this world.

22. I thought I was worthless, but you brought out the best in me and make me realize how precious I am. Tell me how to pay you back, please. I'll do anything you want.

Every day I owe you same volume of love and admiration I had the day we met. I have not changed.

24. "I love you always and forever". This is the echo of my heart each time I think about you.

25. You are my favorite person in this world. I love you more and more every day.

26. I believe in your love, I believe in everything you say, and I believe in you.

27. I love how you always make me smile, you are my real joy and the hub of my happiness.

I will always be here for you, if that would be all I do for a living, it would be a great honor.

29. You are my joy, my best friend and the love of my life; with you, I don't need no one else.

30. You bring out the best me. I can't imagine me without you.

31. I love you with all my heart and everything in me needs you. Please, get ready to feed me tonight.

32. God knew my life wouldn't make sense without you. That is why he brought you to this world to fill me up. I wouldn't be complete without you.

This cold weather brings sweet memories, when will I feel warm again?

It's depressing that you are not here with me. You are becoming my first thoughts in the morning and my last dinner at bedtime. Missing you.

35. You're always on my mind. I miss the touch and all the beautiful moments with you. Soon is too long to see you again.

36. Our distance doesn't stop me from loving you. It only makes my feeling for you a hundred-fold stronger and steals my eyes from sleep.

I once thought our marriage (or relationship) is immune to sickness, but I realized I was wrong. I'm set to do all I can to make us stronger together.

38. I'm sorry for making you sleep in tears last night. You did sleep but I couldn't because it wasn't easy going to bed without seen you smile.

39. Thank you for always forgiving me, you have shown me what it means to be loved.

40. As the sunflower follows the sun from its rising until it sets at the western horizon, so do I want to follow you until death do us apart. I love you forever.

Sweet and simple romantic messages to your partner

Conclusion: You and your spouse are the ones to work out your marriage and make it successful, not external individuals. Although no relationship between two individuals can be totally perfect, you can at least make yours excellent. One of the way of doing this is to show that you love and care about your partner or spouse through sweet and simple romantic messages. Also note that it is bad not to respond to messages sent by your spouse as that might mean that you do not care. One of the key element of effective communication is the law of response.

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