22 Highly Paying Jobs that Do Not Require a University Degree

Highly Paying Jobs that Do Not Require University Degree

When most people talk about the job market, they focus more on white collar jobs. Unfortunately, most jobs in that category require high academic degrees like the university. However, there are some jobs out there that may not have high reputations but bring huge money to those who engage in them. This simply means that you do not need to be a graduate before you can have good job which income is enough to cater for your needs and that of your family.

While university degree is good and education in general is awesome, the truth is that it is possible to find work as a none graduate in some places than when you have finished the university. This sounds ironic but it is the truth.

Having a degree brings a sense of pride that makes one select job and also feel entitled to standard jobs. But as someone who could not get to such a high level of academic accomplishment, there is always this sense of humility that gives room for personal development, skill learning and opportunity hunts. Of course, skill based jobs are currently the most available and highly paying jobs out there, and anyone can get such jobs including non-graduates. The main advantage of such jobs is that you can easily become your employer while earning at your comfort.

These are highly paying jobs that you don't need a degree

You can have some of these jobs through mere experience while other require either a little training, courses or certificates. Lets look into those works you can earn high without any university or college degree.

1. Heavy Equipment Driving:

Jobs that Do Not Require University Degree

There is a high demand for those who can drive heavy duty vehicles ranging from long trucks to a more complex machinery like bulldozers, excavators, graders, backhoes, and related machines.

Truck drivers, for instance, are highly needed in some advanced countries like Canada where labor for such jobs had drastically reduced. A tanker driver earns between $50,000 to $90,000 per annum. So many graduates cannot find work that pay to this amount.

In Nigeria, an average excavator operator earn above N100, 000 per month, while the country's minimum wage as of this time stands at N30,000. But in US, their salary goes above $57,000, as reported by Glassdoor.

3. Digital and tech jobs:

One can become a web developer, a programmer, and get jobs in the digital world without going through the university. Once you take courses and begin to practice them, and probably get necessary certificates, you can get your dream job. As a web developer, you stand a chance to earn nothing less than $100,000 per annum, but salary varies based on your location or job role. The best aspect of tech jobs is that you can work and earn money from home. Therefore, begin to learn tech and digital skills. Even when there is no job, begin offering online services and see how your income escalates.

3. Sound Engineering:

No one goes to the university to study sound engineering but these guys are earning big in shows, churches, concerts and events. The funniest part is that sound engineers do not even need to go for skill learning as carpenters and plumbers do, they just have good ears to detect sound and learn to set mixers through experience.

4. Disk Jockey (DJ) Job:

You probably would think those DJs spend the night selecting good beats for a peanut fee? The fact is that some DJs earn so much that they are compared to high celebrities and musicians. If you have the ability to combine songs and do the mixing, you can become a DJ and earn big even when our eyes have not seen the walls of the university.

5. Land and House Agent Job:

Real estate is a big thing in modern society. Forget about the singer room house agents that come your mind; this subtitle is about real estate agent. These guys earn by percentage while some sale land or house at excess thereby taking the whole interest.

One property sold as a real estate agent can change your financial status. Although there is estate management as a university course, most of the estate related jobs such as real estate or house agent does not require any degree.

6. Welding:

Welding is a highly paying job.

Metal work is a very highly paying work. Beside making iron doors, security doors, gates, fences and other related items, welders are needed in industries and in building/construction companies. One good thing about welding job is that you hardly lack work. There are always clients to work for and companies to attach where you cannot have your own shop.

7. Mechanic:

You can earn big as an aircraft or car mechanic. An aircraft mechanic can earn as much as $35,000 to $110,000 per annum, according to one source. Other sources place their salary at $67,000. This is almost equivalent to an average salary of most graduate jobs in different parts of the world, including the US. Meanwhile, the salary of an average automotive mechanic is between $40,000 to $50,000 per annum.

8. Electrical maintenance:

Electrical work is one of the most active and high paying job that bring income even on daily basis.

Unlike electrical engineers that focus on high level theoretical and installation works, electricians focus more on maintenance of electrical facilities. Almost every firm, office and home need electricians. You do not need a college degree to become electrician but you can earn even more than someone with a university degree.

9. Security work:

military officer in uniform

When we say security work here, we are referring to the military and paramilitary jobs. Top ranking military and paramilitary officers earn big and most of their salary levels are highly competitive with that of those who have university degrees. If you have job in those security agency, it is a privilege to cash-out big.

10. Device Installation:

Electrical device installation work pays highly even when one does not necessarily need a degree to acquire the skill. Such installations may include normal electrical and networking equipment like solar panel and satellite dishes or smart devices like security camera and smart doors. These jobs are available in companies, banks and even homes.

11. Mortuary attendance:

This job sounds weird, yet it is a highly paying job that does not need a degree. You only need to undergo a little training to begin working in the mortuary or even opening your own embalmment facility where you can begin earning in thousands.

12. Coaching:

Whether it is about life coaching, relationship or skill coaching, you can earn high income from coaching others. You don't need a degree to do this. You can become a coach from your experience, skill or just natural wisdom. So, if you have the gift to lead others, become a coach even without university degree for coaching, if there is any.

13. Running a business:

Entrepreneurship pays better than white collar and office job. You might have heard about employers who have never been to the universities yet they employ graduates. You can become one of those none degree employer. An average business owner earns monthly total income more than an employee who has multiple degrees.

14. Chef and Culinary work:

Highly Paying Jobs without university degree

Fast foods, event venues, hotels and what have you, there guys lead the table. They are very highly paid even when they do not have high degrees.

In most five star hotels, chefs earn more than graduates working in same hotel. You need to just work in fast food kitchen or highest get a certificate from a culinary facility and begin to earn high income. Besides the money, your stomach can never run dry. Nigerian chefs earn a minimum of N120,000 per month, on average but for beginners, their salaries is N80,000. So, if you love food or kitchen, go for this and receive big salary.

15. Farming:

Agriculture is the backbone of most countries in the world but people undermine farming work so much. Think about the cost of one chicken, a cat fish, fruits and all the cash crops like cacao and oil palm. You can start fish farm, poultry or large scale food processing facility.

16. Transportation job:

Whether you own the vehicle, a driver, or just working at the motor park or transportation company, these jobs can pay you very well even without any degree or educational certificate. Most commercial drivers earn money more than over 50% of those with university degrees. Besides the motor parks, talk about airport roles that do not require degrees such as aircraft maintenance technician, aviation safety inspector and air traffic controller. They all earn very well.

17. Barbing or hair maintenance:

Hair cutting and relates services are great jobs when it comes to earning big money. As a hair saloon owner, you can earn 200% monthly income than some graduates. Hair services are needed daily this makes our income a constant flow. People don't learn cutting of hair from the university, yet it is a highly paying job. The problem in business like this is that the location matters a lot. If you want to earn high in this business, relocated to a rich environment. Nonetheless, irrespective wherever you stay to cut hair, you earn an average monthly income that is much as that of a graduate unless you are  not serious with your business.

18. Entertainment job:

This encompasses sport, music industry and movie industries. Most of the roles in these industries do not require university degrees, yet you have seen several celebrities emerging even from the lowest educational backgrounds. Many in the entertainment industry earn so much and live even better than some people with all the university degrees in this world. Some even engage in these work as hobbies that generate income.

19. Nursing:

High income earning nurse

You can become a practicing nurse or a nursing assistant without any B.Sc. or university degree. These can be possible by either going to a nursing school and going for inhouse training or just having experience in medical facilities. You can then further your qualification by applying for certification and taking necessary examination.

20. Metal Bending:

There guys are multimillionaires in most places. Their works are simple. Unlike welders that use metals create new products, metal benders shape metals either by bending, straightening or flattening it. Even you have this skill, most metal smelting companies, iron rod companies, construction firms can pay you greatly as much as they would pay a university graduate.

21. Plumbing:

For those living in urban areas, you know what it means to be a plumber. Forget about the minute maintenance job they do, but average plumbing system is a huge contract for plumbers and they earn big from this job. These guys are paid well by companies, hotels, rich homes and public water corporation, yet they don't have university degrees.

22. Carpentry:

An average carpenter you see does not have a university degree, even those that have did not learn the skill in colleges. Even so, these guys earn huge amount of money from the services they provide. On luxurious wooden furniture can be sold in a price that can change the sellers life. Let's not talk about roofing, and other highly paying works available for this profession.

It is great to further your studies to higher institutions like the university but if you cannot afford advanced education, there is hope for you. Yes, you can still succeed without advanced education, begin a career and earn high income. You can chose any of the jobs listed here or search for other great opportunities available out there. The truth is that majority in our society do not earn a living from what they studied in school but they make huge money from side hustles, sometimes at the comfort of their homes. Begin now by subscribing to our newsletter for helpful updates.
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