32 Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Indicators of Lasting Love

Signs of a healthy relationship

So many blows can set in and change the course of a relationship from its original intentions and reap partners apart. Such setbacks may result from changes in partners' views or other factors that might be internal or external to the individuals involved in that relationship.

The sad part is that so many people are insensitive to changes that occur in their relationship which makes it collapse before they even realize it. That is why it is important to known the signs of a healthy relationship in order to compare it with yours. Realizing that your relationship lacks any of the major indicators of a healthy relationship will help you to work harder to keep things right back or quit if you cannot rebuild it.

How to know if you are in a healthy relationship: 

Signs show of you are in a healthy relationship

These are signs of a healthy relationship which indicates a lasting love between partners.

1. Harmony:

In a healthy relationship, both partners feel compatible with one another. They may have some differences but tend to see themselves having a lot in common and try their best to unite toward a common goal.

Compatibility may be biological (in case DNA), physiological (physical attraction), ideological and what have you. Without compatibility, a relationship cannot last. Read more about compatibility and things to consider if you and your partner are compatible.

2. Cogent Communication:

A healthy relationship is built on open and sincere conversations and effective communication between partners.

Partners need to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, emotions, and needs with one another while communicating for a relationship to last. The reason is that when two individuals are truly in love, they have fun being around each other, hearing from each other and relating at all times.

Also, people in healthy relationships do not lack something to discuss about because there is little or no boundaries to what they can share. On the other hand, when the relationship is sick and love begins to fade, partners become reluctant and lack the vibe to kindle the fire during communication between partners.

3. Deference:

This implies politeness that comes with respect and submission between partners. In a healthy relationship, both partners do not only love themselves, but they respect each other. Even during disagreements, each partner treats the other with dignity because they want to make the relationship a lasting one. If your partner constantly disrespects you and ignore your feelings, find your way. Love comes with respect, where there is none, then there is no true love.

4. Integrity and authenticity:

You cannot talk about a healthy relationship without trust. Trust is hard to build, so, for someone to trust another is like giving him/her whole world. For partners to trust themselves, both need to be honest and authentic. This is why it is not good to betray someone's trust because you cant it back. In this case, a healthy relationship offers no room for secrecy, pretense, and fakeness.

5. Common interest:

You both came from different backgrounds and might have held certain beliefs and life goals. This implies that your interest may not always align with that of your partner. Therefore, one sign that the relationship will be successful is when you and your partner begin to make some compromising decisions and build mutual interests, at least to a degree. If you understand your differences and respect other's independent decisions, it is a sign you are in a healthy relationship. In such a relationship, you will find yourselves wanting to spend time together and fostering shared interests for the good of the relationship.

6. Comfort and consolation:

Signs of a good relationship

In a healthy relationship, partners have a strong emotional presence and offer support to one another when times are trying. When your partner is always there to motivate you when you feel down and offer other comforting words, it is a sign that things are still right in that relationship. A partner who does not care anymore will not bother about how you feel let alone offering words of consolation.

7. Collective responsibility:

There has to be a balance and shared responsibilities between partners. In which case both parties value the relationship and actively contribute to it, ensuring a balanced dynamic.

Partners in a healthy relationship do not take the other as an ATM or take advantage of one another. When the burden is too much on one person, it is debatable to expect such a relationship to collapse even when the love is still very strong. Yes, too much load on one partner leads to exhaustion that kills the urge to keep going. Even if such a relationship lasts, it will not flow in a healthy manner that we are focusing on in this article.

8. Yielding:

In a healthy relationship partners are not rigid and strict. Someone has to let things go for the relationship to flourish; someone has to be the first to say, "I am sorry". Rather than being obstinate or defensive, there is a sense of consensus during disagreement where someone has to compromise for peace to reign.

When you see a relationship where people find it easy to apologize to their partners or forget things in favor of their partners, then that is a healthy relationship. Sometimes when you partner ignores your bad doings too much, it can as well be a red flag. That is why our focus is about both of you in that relationship letting off some things for the sake of the relationship.

9. Fondness:

Indicators of a lasting love

The relationship is reaffirmed by healthy physical affection, such as embraces, kisses, and emotional touch. When partners do not find fun in kissing or engaging in romantic activities, then such a  relationship needs a doctor. You cannot love someone without showing it physically, so your partner too have to show signs of that love through his/her approaches.

10. Commendation:

In a healthy relationship, partners consistently express gratitude for each other's efforts in the relationship. They recognize their roles and appreciate one another when they offer help to themselves. Where there is no recognition for each other's role, then that love may not last.

11. Shared values:

A solid relationship is based on a set of common values. When the love is still genuine, partners are bound to share their beliefs and ideology. When partners have different values and beliefs, there is bound to be conflicts in that relationship if not well managed. One sign that you are in a healthy relationship is when your partner feels like joining either your religion, political party or creating room for your beliefs to homogenize.

12. Team spirit:

People in a healthy relationship are highly supportive of one another's personal growth and development. They don't mind helping themselves to learn new skills, go to school and acquire jobs. Remember, a healthy relationship inspire the urge for partners to spend their lives together, which means that the success of one is the upliftment of the other. When your partner is supportive and encourages your personal development, it could be a sign of a lasting love.

13. Easy reconciliation and resolution:

Even in a healthy relationship, there can be disagreements. The only thing is that such disagreements are settled amicably and constructively. Those in a healthy relationship seem to be good in conflict resolutions and avoid prolonged quarrel that could keep them apart. Even when they misunderstanding is very serious, they find it easy to reconcile.

14. Listening alertness:

In a healthy relationship, partners don't just communicate but they are alert to the words and concerns of another. This active listening quality is what makes both individuals to feel free in sharing their worries knowing that it matters to both members.

15. Financial lucidity:

At the onset of the relationship, someone can pretend or hide financial status. Most men can pretend as if they are rich just to impress the lady while some women would likely behave like they don't have any money in the bank. As the relationship becomes deep-rooted in long-term plans, partners do not hide their financial status any longer.

Financial matters, budgeting, and long-term financial objectives like savings are openly discussed between the partners. Once your spouse begins to be transparent in his/her financial dealings, it is a sign that that relationship is heading towards a long-term deal or marriage. In addition, when a partner takes advantage of your financial transparency, it is a bad sign.

16. Discretion:

When two individuals truly love themselves, they will understand that no one is a slave among them but that they are both into each other. In this case, there will be careful not to offend the other by giving space for independent opinion and personal identity as well as respect for one's privacy. When a partner says anything he/she feels without caring about your view, what you think, your beliefs and boundaries, it is a bad sign.

17. Negotiated rule-making:

In a healthy relationship, partners make decisions together. No one can just wakeup and travel without letting the other to know. You are not supposed to ask your partner much question about what he/she intend to do. Such is supposed to be let known to you. If your partner takes offense just because you want to be part of a key decision-making attempt, it is a sign that your relationship is one-sided or that it will not have a positive ending.

18. Psychological intimacy:

healthy relationship tips

One sign of a healthy relationship that indicates a lasting love is that each partner has deep feelings for the other. This is otherwise known as emotional intimacy. Partners in a healthy relationship are empathetic, hence, vulnerable to one another. This vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but an emotional bondage resulting from deep love, passion and acceptance of the other partner.

19. Laughter and Fun:

Partners are supposed to play, crack jokes, catch fun and do things that make them enjoy their love. Therefore, a healthy relationship is filled with laughter and fun. It is one of the ways to feel happy and attracted to one another.

20. Friendship:

Couples are supposed to be friends, that is what the word "partners" implies. There is no doubt that in case of marriage, the husband still has his respect just like the wife deserves her love. But while deep into romance, people in healthy relationships act as friends. Of course, no other friend is worth over your partner. When partners act as friends, they end up building a happy family if their relationship gets to marriage.

21. Recognition of the other's relationships:

Being in romantic relationship or marriage does not mean that you should not have friends and families or relate with them. People ought to understand that their partners have other persons in their cycles besides them. The concern about your family, your friends and the urge to get connected with them as well is a sign of a healthy relationship and a lasting love.

22. Erotic attraction:

This article is not only about a romantic relationship. But, in a romantic relationship, you cannot say the relationship is healthy if there is no attraction between the two partners. There is a pleasurable, healthy, and consensual sexual connection between the two people, where boundaries and desires are respected.

A healthy romantic relationship is characterized by two individuals who feel so attracted to each other that they feel intimate and even have a life to share together. This does not necessary mean that they must go intimate, but the urge has to be there for that relationship to generate a strong emotion.

23. Partnership and companionship:

Intimacy as sign of a healthy relationship

Partners in a healthy relationship share everything and work as a towards a shared goal that meets their shared objectives. They likely work together on projects and daily activities as companions. Companionship is a sign of a healthy relationship and a way to maintain a lasting love.

24. Emotional Intelligence:

Both people in healthy relationship are able to understand and manage their emotions. They can know when the atmosphere is conducive for a certain discussion and when it is not and how to control their actions in order not to hurt the other. When there is a sign of emotional intelligence, for instance, your partner begins to know how you feel from your voice, look or action, there is a green light.

25. Mutual Accountability:

Participants in a healthy relationship are accountable for their own acts, accepting responsibility for their mistakes, and coming to amends such mistakes. Even any partner is always right and does not accept that he/she did something wrong for once, the relationship cannot go well and it shows danger ahead of that relationship. Accountability attracts harmony, forgiveness and free mindedness between partners. Failure to be accountable in a relationship makes the relationship vulnerable to collapse.

26. Celebrating one another's success:

A healthy relationship have individuals who celebrates the other when they succeed or make a step in life. Partners are not supposed to jealous or feel insecure when the other makes a step forward in life. Together, accomplishments and milestones are celebrated, creating a positive environment in the relationship.

27. Flexibility and acceptance of reality:

In a healthy relationship, both partners are able to adjust to life's changes and accept the differences between them. It does not matter if they are from different religion, tribes, race or countries.

28. Dеpеndability:

Each partner's behaviors and commitments demonstrate their level of trust and dependability on one another. When it reaches a level that you feel like you cannot do without the other, that is a good sign to ride on.

29. Long-term perspective:

There is commitment and dedication to make the shared future vision a reality. A healthy relationship is about the future togetherness and a vision of tomorrow. Where there is such a long-term plan, the union becomes strong and unbreakable.

30. Faithfulness:

Partners have to be faithful for relationship to go well. Faithfulness strengthens bonds and faithfulness between partners and offers peace of mind. Faithfulness is a major sign of a healthy relationship.

31. Togetherness:

Healthy partners hugging

A healthy relationship believes in togetherness. Partners spending quality time together fosters a deeper connection and is a priority inasmuch as any relationship is concerned. Partners in such a relationship often want to be together, even when they might be kept apart by distance.

32. Sense of Fulfilment and satisfaction:

When both partners feel satisfied by each other and have a sense of fulfilment that they have gotten someone of their choice, you can say that is a healthy relationship. Feeling satisfied by a partner will prevent or reduce unfaithfulness.

Conclusion: While in a serious relationship, ensure you look out for certain signs to know if there is need to invest more in  that relationship. Any relationship that lacks a long-term goal is not worth dying for. That is why we offer this whole list of signs that can indicate that you are in a healthy relationship. There is more to this that you can learn both from our previous articles and coming ones. Subscribe to our newsletter for further update.

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