How to Raise Successful and Responsible Children - A Guide to Good Parenting

How to raise successful and responsible children

Child raising is one of the most critical civic responsibilities in our society. It is part of us and a role most people will likely play at some point in life. Unlike other living things in the animal kingdom, the human social life is structured differently. In this case, child raising is not just about feeding, securing, and providing for the child's needs but more about making that child grow up and become a successful adult.

A successful adult is someone who takes great steps, grab opportunities, and accomplish greatly in business and finance, relationship, careers, and other aspects of life.

The truth is that our upbringing defines a lot about our lives. One can fail in life due to factors associated with their childhood life. Therefore, it is important to consider some things while raising your child if you truly want that child to succeed.

Parent's Guide to Raising Successful Children

In order to raise children who will be successful in life, do the following:

1. Identify and promote your child's passion:

Parent's Guide to Raising Successful Children

Watch over your child as he grows, not only for security as a parent but to know exactly who they are. If you find your child attracted to certain passion, hobbies or activities that you know can be benefitting, it is advisable that you help them to mold that passion. Children's fantasies do fade away as they grow old, no doubt; but ingenuity can emanate from inborn passion towards a certain work of life.

Most successful scientists, inventors and other people you hear about today began to create those passions from childhood and they brought breakthroughs that benefit our society today.

When a child follows his childhood passion and actualize such dreams, he is likely to feel happier and accomplish more successes. Most gifted children are easily noticed by their parents before they are grown to realize what they'd already gotten from birth.

2. Let your children see life as it is:

Do not try to give your child an impression that is not realistic or feasible in real life. The idea of trying to make your child feel happy always thereby doing things that they cannot find when they are finally out of your care is not a good strategy to raise a child.

While being caring to your children, allow them to understand that in life there is warmth and cold, tough times and good times and that there is no perfect situation. When you do this, you are preparing their minds ahead of whatever challenges they may face as they grow. This will enable them to succeed irrespective of whatever challenge may come their way.

3. Lead the success boat:

Your children have a better chances to succeed if you are a successful person. This is because children like to emulate their parents.

Parents, especially fathers, are often seen as role models by their children when it comes to accomplishment. So, to raise successful children, make it your role to succeed in life so that they too can imitate your life.

Go to school, learn skills, and be a responsible parent. With this, your child will have a better chance to be like you or even achieve greater success than you. There is a reason success seems to run in the family line. Of course, families who have had history of successful men have not only known the secret to success but they seem to remain a motivation to their descendants who come to realize that they had to follow the same route to success.

It is not wrong to say that your success in life defines how easy it will be for your children and those who come after you to be successful too. This does not mean that anyone cannot be successful or bring up successful children, but it means you can motivate your child indirectly by what you have accomplished already.

4. Share your story and experience:

As an adult, you have learned a lot in life. You know your mistakes, your regrets, where you went wrong, and where you were right. How you succeeded or where you failed. Why not share those lessons with your children?

When you share your life experience with your children, they will be able to know what area of their lives to accept into their own lives or reject. Your experience will also help them not to feel strange whenever they have a similar encounter.

Telling your children your story, sharing lessons you have learned, and even stories of how others succeed is a good parenting strategy to raise them in a responsible way that leads to success. This is because such experience can change their mindset and thinking thereby impacting their current lives.

5. Let your children make their choices:

It is wrong for you as a parent to be the one to make all choices for your growing children. Allow them to make choices, whether such choices are good or bad shouldn't matter. What matters is that they will have more confidence from the lessons they learned from their past decisions and this will help them to make a more successful step.

Let your children pursue their passions and any career of their choice. If you are to do anything, become their mentor instead of the key player and ultimate decision-maker. Raising your child in this manner will prepare them for bigger success ahead.

6. Motivate your children against fear:

Fear is the main enemy of success. It brings failure, loss of opportunities, procrastination, and delay. Teach and guide your children about how they can make bold steps without being scared of failure.

Raising your children in a manner that makes them bold and fearless is a responsible way to prepare them for success. You can do this by encouraging them on adventurous tasks and doing things they think is impossible.

In one article on a similar topic published on CNBC, Margot Bisnow wrote:
"As the mom of two entrepreneurial sons, I’ve found that of all the parenting advice out there, the most important lessons are about teaching kids to be bold enough to try new things."

7. Accept their curious spirit:

"Curiosity leads to discovery."

So, if you have a child who is always inquisitive, do not ignore it. Instead, take advantage of their curiosity to help them sort for answers that can change their lives.

Curious people are bound to go beyond the status quo, perform well conflict resolution and are likely to be successful in life. Do not get offended when your child asks too many questions, instead provide answers or raise them in a manner that they search for their answers.

8. Offer some levels of independence:

Independent children grow up with the ability to work independently which helps them in decision-making. When a child is totally dependent on the parent, he/she will find it difficult to function when the parents are not there to guide.

Raising independent children does not mean that you should not decide what they can do or not, but it is about allowing them to do some things by themselves including defending themselves among their peers.

9. Help them build high self-esteem:

Low self-esteem makes people not able to go after big things. A child with high self-esteem is likely to grab great opportunities and make life steps without fear. The I-can-do spirit is a factor of self-esteem.

Try to make your children see their strengths over their weaknesses. Encourage them and let them understand that they have all it takes to reach the top.

10. Emphasize gains, not risks:

When you advise your children about life, their decisions, or a step they are about to take, focus more on the gains not the associated risks.

Negative communications have negative effects on children's way of thinking that can hinder their success. Instead of emphasizing how making bad friends in school will ruin their lives, focus more on the advantages of making good friends and also the advantages of going to school.

11. Give them freedom of association:

Relationships can play a vital role in a child's success over other factors you can ever think about. Children who grow up with the ability to associate with others, make friends, and connect with their colleagues have a greater chance to succeed.

Jobs, leadership aspirations, and many things require fame, and favoritism and all are products of building healthy relationships and meeting people across different works of life.

If you want your child to be social, all you need is to raise them in a manner that they can have the freedom to make and maintain friends and communicate with their peers. But guide them against bad associations that can have negative influence.

12. Play the role of a mentor:

Most parents think parenting is all about caring and providing for their children. In this case, they can be very good parents, yet may not be able to raise a single successful child. What you have to do as a parent is to become your child's mentor at an early stage, otherwise, find the right mentor for him/her.

Most children do not know why they are going to school, why they have to learn a skill, and other whys. As a mentor, monitor your child's actions, mark their intentions, and use that to guide them to the right part until he/she grows to make independent decisions.

People who have their visions defined early in life through effective mentorship have a good chance to hit the nail of success. It is a parental responsibility to mentor the children as part of child raising.

13. Take up your roles and responsibilities:

Children whose parents play their parental roles effectively have greater chance to succeed. So, be responsible as a father by providing the basic needs of your family and doing other things fathers are expected to do for the success of their children. As a mother, take on your roles and responsibilities to support the growth of your children. When your children realize you are playing your roles in their lives, they will respect you and try their best to succeed too. The success of a child is a collective effort of the parents and the child's upbringing.

You are supposed to raise your children well by sending them to school and providing all they need to meet what the society requires for growth. When you fail to do this as parent, the chances of your children becoming successful will be narrow.

14. Discipline your children:

Discipline is a way of guiding a child from facing stricter consequences of misbehavior and bad decision-making. When you raise a child in a disciplinary approach, he/she will learn to know that there is a consequence to every action thereby guarding himself/herself from certain behavior.

When a child develops this self-discipline, such a child will be able to focus on goals and withstand distractions despite how he/she feels.

Someone without discipline can hardly succeed because for one to accomplish certain life objectives, factors such as focus, diligence, hard work, time management, goal-setting, and determination are important; and they all require discipline.

15. Work as partners in parenting:

Children who are brought up by both parents are happier and likely to succeed over those raised in shattered homes where parents are separated or in conflict. In other words, a happy and peaceful family boosts a child's chance to succeed.

Research shows that children raised by both parents and peaceful nuclear family have a higher chance of finishing college, having academic success, and succeeding in all areas of life including finance. In contrast, an article published in Harvard News, argues that this discovery results from the fact that when parents work together, they are likely to provide sufficient resources and share responsibilities that benefit the child's growth.

The latter claim suggests that even when parents are together if they are poor, the children will still have low chance of success. Despite these contrasting discussions on the topic, there is high success rate among children raised by both parents living together over single ones across board.

16. Nurture good habits that can lead to success:

Some habits can lead one to success while others can destroy lives. One thing about habit is that once it's molded, it hardly ends. It is important to teach your children habits such as punctuality, good communication skills, hard work, reading and more. Stop them from being lazy or engaging in activities that can hinder their success.

Parents play very important roles in the success of a child. This all comes down to child raising because how the child perceives the world can rely on his/her upbringing. Although there are several external factors and individuals to influence a child as well, parents are often seen as the first teachers because children learn their first lesson from home before others come into the scene. Bringing forth children who succeed in life is what truly determines whether you are a responsible parent or not. Therefore, it is important to follow some tips that can enable you to help your children grow up as adults who are goal-oriented, up to tasks, and successful.

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