Why Men End Long-term Relationships Even When They Are Still in Love

When a relationship comes to an end people ask so many questions. Some think it is because their partners have found someone better or because he/she does not love anymore, but it could all be wrong assertions. Sometimes someone can decide to leave a relationship even when he/she is still in love. This complex decision is common among men.

In most relationships, men tend to spend more and stand a chance to lose more materially or financially. In this case, while making such sacrifices may continue carelessly at the beginning, there is always a time for a rethink.

Why men end long-term relationships even when they still love the woman

Even in relationships, men are driven by reason, it does not matter what they stand to lose. If a man finds the values he wants in a woman, he can spend his life and even act crazy to keep her. On the other hand, when you don't have the virtues that a man desires, he can accept the pain of ending the relationship even when he still loves you.

A Man Can Leave a Relationship for the following Reasons:

1. Unfaithfulness:

While most women can easily forgive a cheating partner and even continue the relationship perfectly, otherwise is for men. A man can forgive a lady of other offenses but not when she cheats. There is a very high possibility that a man will end a relationship because you cheated more than ending it because you beat him up every morning. So, even when he loves you so much, being suspicious of infidelity can result in the end of that relationship.

"Why men hate unfaithful partners is a complex discussion but it bounds back to the fact that every biological male organism is territorial."

2. Indecision and unreadiness

There are some confused men out there who do not know exactly what they want. Such men will keep searching and when they finally find a good woman, they begin to doubt their instincts. When a man has yet to clearly define the kind of woman that he wants, he can let go of even the most precious one that he loves so much. This happens mostly when a man's mind is not ready for a serious relationship or marriage.

3. Disrespect and arrogance:

How men define love is different from women's definition. An average man by tradition and social values interprets respect as love. When you are arrogant and constantly disrespect a man, he might think you have someone else or a second plan. When this feeling sets him, he can decide to end the relationship even with love in his heart.

"Most men do not make decisions only based on emotions but with logic and reasoning."

4. Incompatibility:

Why man leaves a relationship

Incompatibility is a term used to refer to a situation where there are very wide differences between partners. This happens when two people think differently and have different beliefs and life objectives. For two people to end well in a relationship, there has to be a level of compatibility, otherwise 

5. Adding no value:

Every reasonable person has to think about what he stands to gain while dealing with others. Even in a relationship, adding value to someone's life is very important. Value is not just about money, offering advice, comfort, and support are all parts of the value you can add to a man's life. When you don't play any role in a man's life, such a relationship may end because that love has no value to reckon with.

"The least value you can add in someone's life is only donating money that can be easily forgotten."

6. Poverty:

This sounds abnormal but it happens a lot. If a man knows that you are up to marital age but can't afford to marry you at the moment, most good-hearted men can let you go even without telling you in order not to waste your time. This also happens if he realizes that your life standard is going above what he can afford. That is why it is good to be open and try to make your partner understand you. The truth is that men feel ashamed of themselves if they are poor and unable to take on simple responsibilities. Therefore instead of continuously living under that pressure and shame, they would likely let the highly demanding relationships end.

7. Unbearable pressure:

Whatever pressure that might be whether in financial demand, sex, personal issues, or marriage, men don't like it much in a relationship.

Pressure can result in stress, trauma, and loss of concentration. It does not mean you cannot express yourself but making it a big deal can make the man accept that relationship to end. Always remember that there are pressures from different angles including work, family, peers, and other places tied to him.

8. Toxic behaviors

Men don't like toxic people. Even if you don't directly act annoying towards him, he observes how you treat others. Most men care about their family relationships even after marriage, and such behavior can pose complex questions that can make them decide to let go of the relationship. 

"No one wants to trade his lifetime happiness for a relationship."

9. Selfishness and self-centeredness:

It's not always about you. When everything you say is "how to make my hair, how to buy my clothes, my this and that", it shows you are selfish. Finding time to suggest what is good for him too means that it is just about you. If you make it seem like the relationship is all about you, there is no how he may not wish it to end.

10. Lack of emotional connection:

Causes of relationship collapse when there is still love

One thing that's necessary in a relationship is emotional connection. When there are no feelings, nothing can really work out. Love is an emotional affair and if there is a strong feeling, a man will surely leave even when you do not offend him. You'll hear some excuses or behaviors that are so obvious that he does not care. Men are not as emotional as women, but this can still be the care.

11. Desperation:

Love can make someone go crazy, but as a last, try to pretend sometimes. Show your love and care but do not let it too excess. This applies to men too. People are scared when there is desperation in a relationship. Imagine calling someone every hour. That can be uncomfortable for some people.

Most men do not want to have children out of wedlock or rush into unprepared family life. When you become too desperate, they feel you are trying to get them into such a mess. Such behavior can lead to the end of the relationship amidst love.

12. Excessive demands:

Turning yourself into a beggar when you are not one destroys the relationship. Inasmuch as you are not yet married to him, he owes you nothing.

A man may run away from the relationship if you make excessive demands as if he is your father, even if he is still in love. Too much begging makes men feel like you are trying to use them. It is also a sign of irresponsibility on your part.

13. Social and external factors

Men face a lot of social pressure from family and peers. Too much pressure from family opposing a man's partner can make him decide to want to avoid issues. Sometimes men don't end relationships with bad intentions, it could be for the safety and sanctity of the woman involved.

14. Lack of sense:

There is nothing that makes a man so proud of a woman than when she's smart, intelligent, and able to make logical contributions and decisions. Your idea means so much to your partner. Even when you have so many bad sides, most men would not let go if you can make sensible contributions. But if you lack sense, even love may not keep some men.

"A woman's intelligence determines how intelligent her children will be."

15. Lack of vision and life goals

If you are living at the moment without any plan for yourself or the future of the relationship, a wise man can choose to leave even when he still loves you. When someone asks you about your plans, your answer matters a lot but what matters most is your behavior. While dedicating your time to relationships, do moose your focus and life goals. People like those who have a future.

16. Prolonged conflict

When there is a prolonged conflict resulting from misunderstanding, the chance that the relationship will end is low. It is good to get annoyed, take action, and settle issues at once.

Reasons men end lovely relationships

When there is a prolonged conflict, the man might feel like you are planning a fatal revenge. This can let him call off the relationship out of fear.

17. Poor communication:

It takes some people a great deal to have time to chat, call, or text you. Respecting their time and messages means so much to them. 

you constantly leave a man's message unattended, the message is clear: I'm not interested. In the long run of communication frustration, the man is going to develop sense and let it go at the expense of his love.

Boosting good communication in a relationship is a way to stay together always. Such communication should not be the responsibility of one person.

18. Untidiness and muddiness

One thing that makes you look very romantic is your neatness. When you cannot take care of yourself and look appealing, it can repulse some people or make them attracted to someone else.

"Men are more attracted to women's appearance before character and other inner virtues."

Cleanliness makes you look gorgeous and elegant. It's the least thing you can expect but someone can leave because you look dirty and untidy.

19. He didn't come to stay:

Most men already have motives from the beginning of a relationship. Before a man approaches a lady, he already knows if she is a type he can marry or not. Although decisions can change in the long run, it is still hard to let a man who did not love you truly from the onset to change his mind without leaving.

"You can buy a woman's heart to love, but no sacrifice can turn on the heart of a man who is not on love. This is because unlike women that can interpret gift and care as love and become emotional, an average man follows his primary motives."


A man can end a long-term relationship even when he is still in love. If you are really interested in him, the best thing is for you to be real and be part of that relationship. If you add no value and lack what men expect in a woman, even if your partner does not call off the relationship, it will still suffer setbacks.

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