Quick Ways to Cheer Up a Sad Person and Make Him/Her Happy Again

How to Cheer Up a Sad Person and Make Them Happy Again

Many things can make someone sad. Causes of sadness range from internally induced emotions from negative thoughts and imagination, and external factors or circumstances. A sad mood can cause people great harm, especially in intense situations. It affects people's behaviors, decision-making, and even health.

The worst situations occur when one becomes engulfed in long-term unhappiness. Continuous long-term sadness is known as persistent depressive disorder. It is one of the worst forms of depression and can be fatal.

All that a sad person needs is happiness. Although there are several ways to be happy, not many people can go into such self-healing approaches alone. That's why external individuals might be needed to help one heal from sadness.

Your words, company, and care can go a long way in healing and giving someone a new life of happiness that they need to live again. 

How to Cheer Someone Up and Make Them Happy

When you are interested in cheering up anyone sad around you, try to follow these tricks.

1. Let them know that you are on their side:

The first way to cheer someone up is to make that person realize that you are not against him/her.

Most people need solitary moments when they are sad and may sometimes feel like others are not by their side. So, you have to be friendly irrespective of how the person makes you feel.

Use pet names and try to ignore any odd behavior the person might display. Once you can make the person feel that you both are aligned, then you will easily have a chance to cheer him up.

2. Be empathetic:

Quick Ways to Cheer Up a Sad Person

Empathy is about placing yourself in the person's situation. When you have empathy, you will know how the person feels and get to understand the strategy to apply in making the person happy. If you were in that situation, what would someone do to make you happy? If you can get it right, then you can go ahead.

3. Share your experience:

When people are sad they always have internal complex questions like "Why me?". These sorts of questions emanate from the inner emotion that makes them feel that their situation is the worst in the world. That is why it is good to share your ugly experience with the you want to cheer someone up.

Tell him/her how it felt like to experience what you faced and how you were able to scale through the situation. Even if you don't have a personal story, share what you know about others. Your experience can inspire someone and make them happy again. Good communication is great skill I motivating and cheering someone up.

4. Create good humor:

Study the situation before you try to bring in humor or make funny statements. Humor is only applied if the situation is not intense, but in serious situations like the someone is mourning the death of a loved one, don't bring humor. However, where the situation is moderate, bringing in good humor can help make the sad person smile and happy again.

5. Be lenient in your approach:

Let empathy be the main drive while trying to talk to a sad person to be happy as we started earlier. Take it kindly with them even if they don't deserve your kindness. And do not try to force them to tell you about their experience if they are not ready to do so. Being nice to someone is one of the best ways to make them happy.

6. Be trustworthy:

How to make a sad person Happy Again

To tell someone a secret, trust is very important. Sometimes it is hard to share what makes one sad to a stranger. Therefore, to cheer someone, you should make the person trust you enough to share the secrets about what makes him/her sad. It can be hard to build trust in minutes. It, therefore, makes more sense for you to let people around you like your family, friends, and colleagues trust you so that when they need someone to share their secrets with, you can always be at a loss. If people trust you, it gives you the advantage of making them happy.

7. Leave them a text message or chat:

Only a few people understand the power of written words. If someone is very sad, sometimes spoken words may not be powerful enough to cheer them up and bring the smile that they need. However, writing a very powerful short messages via SMS, social media chat, or physical later can pass the message of consolation. One good thing about written messages is that tone can fit into every circumstance, and the person can always re-read it a million times.

Imagine being in a very sad situation and then you receive a message from someone you had a misunderstanding and whom you've not spoken with for years stating:

"Dear friend, I'm sorry we haven't talked for a while due to the misunderstanding that we had. I still remember you as one of the most wonderful people I've ever met. I'm reaching out because I heard what happened to you. I feel so sorry that you had to go through this. Believe me, you are a strong person, I can't count how much you've inspired me in the past. That makes me believe that you have all it takes to remain strong and optimistic in this situation. May God see you through."

There is no how you receive such a message without adjusting your mood. But in reality, it could be hard for you to give the person a chance to speak to you this way.

8. Send a surprise gift with a written paper:

Only a few things make one happy as a surprise gift. Irrespective of the mood you find yourself in, receiving a surprise gift from a loved one can always cheer you up. That makes it one way to make a sad person happy your gift to create more impact, you can attach a piece of paper with some words of courage. Something like:

"I don't like to see you sad but I understand how you feel. However, I just want to send you this gift maybe it will be enough to let you know that I really care about you and I want to see you happy again."

9. Become their friends:

When one has been sad for a long time, one thing they might likely experience is negligence and dissociation from friends. Not many people care to ask about why someone acts strange, they just assume the person has bad social manners.

When you understand the situation and get close to someone you are trying to help, your friendship can cheer them up. Everyone feels happy to meet new friends, especially if such a friend is a genuine one.

10. Offer a solution to their problem:

How to cheer up someone and make them smile

Simple challenges like hunger can make someone said. In such a case, no amount of words, love or whatever can cheer them up. The best way to make a hungry person happy is to offer food. This is not just about food but if you know you can help someone out if their problem to give them the happiness they deserve, do.


You can be the reason someone is happy again and want to live a cheerful life. Just ensure you offer words of encouragement through your experience and do other things that you know can help them as listed here.

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