How to Deal with a Great Loss

How to deal with a great loss

Loss comes in different forms. It could be a minor loss such as the displacement of simple belongings like spoons in our kitchens. Besides displacement, there is also an actual loss example when our property is stolen or destroyed.

Every loss comes with its sense of disappointment but some losses bring more pain and grief the others. When we displace a belonging, there is always hope that we could get such property back, so even if we can't recall where we placed the item, the hope helps us through the recovery process slowly.

But consider losing something very precious and irreplaceable like our treasures, business capital, or any entire investment structure? How do you deal with the grief that comes with such a great loss? That's what we want to discuss.

What to do when you lose a great opportunity

It is very painful to lose a great opportunity, especially if such is an opportunity that one has been searching for years. The statement that "opportunity comes but once" is true but how people interpret such statements is not absolutely true.

What is true is that when one opportunity goes, a better one may be on its way. Therefore if you lose a great opportunity, the best way to console yourself is to assume that a better one is coming and that the lost one was not yours. Although such conclusions are fallacious, they will at least give you consolation. In the wake of opportunity loss, double up your efforts to find other great opportunities. You will surely find something better.

The worst happens when you give up just because you lost a good chance. Whether such an opportunity is of job, a relationship or what have you, losing it is not your end point.

How to cope with the loss of a loved one

How to deal with loss of a loved one

There is no other loss as painful and heavy as the loss of loved ones or someone very precious to us. Having such an experience will automatically turn your whole life around especially if the departed was your parent.

The right thing to do when you receive such news is to remain calm. It's going to feel like a dream but it helps if you quickly accept the reality. Find a lonely place to cry if that is how you feel. Crying helps you relieve yourself from the emotional burden. Once you have cried enough, you will probably begin to sit up for the new world of new people you are about to see.

During the loss of a loved one, avoid sympathizers who try to bring too much pity because they will only worsen your feelings. Stay with those who will only encourage you to remain strong. Once you are done with the grieving period, be open to new people to come into your life to ease your recovery process. Also try to make yourself happy by engaging in some activities including physical fitness and socializing.

How to deal with Business loss

  • Lost of business capital:

It is hard to describe the feeling that one has after saving money got years to start a business only to lose the money to something else or steal. When you lose a capital meant for your business, share your experience with people to lessen your panic. Thereafter, seek investors or micro load that can still help your business to come to life.

  • Dealing with the loss of business profit:

When you lose the profit you expected to make in business, even if it affects the capital as well, do not give up. Analyze why you experienced such a great loss, your mistakes and what actually went wrong. After finding your answer, try to change your strategy and make improvements that will bring great gains next time.

You can meet a business and expect to examine where you went wrong and offer advice for the best step to take. However, if your loss is a continuous process, it could mean that you have to change your business plan or even switch to another area.

Seek new business ideas and begin a fresh investment. In case you do not want to leave your current business, think about diversifying your investment to avoid total collapse that can affect your financial life negatively.

How to deal with the loss of property

How to deal with loss of property

Assuming you've just lost your house, car, or an expensive property to fire, theft, or debt, what should you do? The best way to handle such a great loss is to seek help immediately. If it is theft, report it to security bodies for investigations and live in the hope that such property can be retrieved. However, if it's a permanent loss, like fire catching your properties, you need also professional advice. But bear in mind that the property in question is not the end of your life.

You are much more worthy than any property, therefore, do not try anything nasty. Instead of harming yourself, seek public help from friends, colleagues, and loved ones. You can do a GoFundMe campaign if you feel like you can not afford where to live. It is best if you have life insurance that can help augment such losses. But if you have no insurance, trying to get help from people, NGOs and government can be the way forward.

How to deal with the loss of values or statute

Some people have moral values that they place in high esteem. Losing such values can lead to a sense of guilt and disappointment in oneself.

What you have to do after losing your values is to forgive yourself and look for a way to either start it over again or find a way to live with it. If you were forced against your will, understand the fact that it wasn't your fault and find a way to forgive yourself. You can rebuild such values again by sticking to the beliefs and lifestyle that can help you feel aligned.

How to deal with job loss

How to deal with job loss

You just arrived at work and received a letter or email and after opening it, it begins with some odd "appreciation for working with us." Then you read down only to realize you have been sacked from your job. The very job that places food on your table. 

When you receive a sack letter, do not panic, rush home immediately, take bath, relax, and sleep. Once your mind calms down, draft your goals and what you think should be the alternative means of survival. If you still want to work, do not waste time. From the next day, make a quick move in for job. 

Apply on different platforms, contact friends and rewrite your resume. Wasting time to search for another job can make you waste the little money you saved which should be your transportation for a new job search. After applying for different jobs as you can, think about any business you can begin with the little money you have in case you can't find job again.

Do not let yourself be at home for a month or two without finding something that can bring you income. Even if there is no way, go out of the house, you may find favor somewhere. However, searching for remote job opportunities is the best because they enable to you work from home where you can still have time for yourself.

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