The Power of Your Mind| How Your Thoughts Influence Your Reality| Scientific and Advanced Perspective| Inspired Scoop

Thoughts and reality are interwoven even though they appear to exist independently from one another. ...

Abas Obot 20 Jul, 2024 2

Can Hair-treatment Products Increase Cancer Risk? This Research Has the Right Answer

Research Links Relaxers, Perms and Other Hair-treatment Products to Increase Risk of Cancer in Women Research has shown that there is a conn...

Abas Obot 8 Jun, 2024

How to Quit Any Type of Addiction: 12 Proven Strategies

In most instances, the word "addiction" is used to denote the condition of having excessive urge to use a substance or engage in c...

Abas Obot 30 Apr, 2024

Mental Health Apps for Everyday Use: Benefits, Features and Challenges

Our mental health is an important aspect of our life ,  it is in limelight and should be treated with care, as it is essential for our overa...

Arden Winston 8 Mar, 2024

How to Boost Your Immunity at Home: Tips to Naturally Help Your Body Resist Diseases

Understanding Our Immune System and How the Body Resists Diseases   Our body does not just sit back and watch itself being taken over by dis...

Arden Winston 18 Jan, 2024

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