14 Things To Do Every Morning to Feel Positive All Day Long

It is one thing to wake up to a brand new morning but another thing to have a day that goes according to your wishes. Although it may not be possible to predict what a certain day holds for you, it is possible to plan and adjust the day to meet your demands.

Things To Do Every Morning to Feel Positive All Day Long

Wherein you want your day to go relies on how you begin it. Things you do in the morning can greatly influence your whole day. What comes to your mind when you wake up and the activities you engage in can as well define your emotion for the day.

There is no doubt that some days come with bad and low feelings. Nonetheless, you still have a degree of control over every moment of your life.

For your day to go positive and hopeful, you need to engage in morning activities that boost your positivity, vitality, and productivity.

There are many things you have to do every morning to vitalize your body and spirit if you want to feel positive throughout the day. We are all used to drinking coffee in the morning, but this article will explore other important things you can do to feel positive all day long. These include, but are not limited to, exercising every day, eating nutritious breakfast, and more.

Below are things you have to do every morning to feel positive all day long:

1. Give yourself some time in bed after you wake up:

It is advisable to stay on the bed, say 1 to 2 minutes after you wake up from sleep. Stay calm on the bed and relax before you begin anything you want to do. Staying calm on the bed gives your brain time to relax and adjust to the new day you are about to begin.

Although your body undergoes about 90 minutes of sleep cycles every night, the brain still needs a little time when you wake up for it to be alert. Shifting from the sleeping mode to an active state takes some cycle. It is possible to feel a headache or somehow if one jumps up from a deep sleep as a result of disturbance.

If someone asks questions immediately after you wake up from sleep, most people might provide a wrong response or make a statement out of context. This is because our brain needs a short time to wake up after the body is awake.

Staying on the bed for a short moment helps wake the brain and prepares it for the next decision you are about to make.

2. Undergo a short period of prayer and meditation:

A short meditation is very important if you want to have a promising day. It helps to calm the mind and boost a sense of positivity, and emotional well-being.

By meditation, we mean a moment of introspection, silence, and deep relief.

Stay calm and try to free your mind from every form of disturbance while allowing a positive spirit to flow through you. You can meditate while on the bed, or take any position best for you.

While many can extend their meditation process to yoga practice, you may not need to go that far. The essence is to let your mind relax and communicate a deep insight for the day.

Prayer on the other hand is a great thing to do in the morning. You can choose to pray out during your period of meditation or remain calm and communicate silently with yourself. Meditation can also come with some piece of words within (not necessarily prayer) that can make you feel inspired for the day.

The benefit of prayers cannot be overemphasized. Prayer helps to build faith and hope for the brand new day. Even if what you pray for may not come to pass, the sense of positivity and the good wills you declare on the new day can help make you think positively and convey good things your way.

3. Find some positive words, quotes, or inspiration to center yourself for the day:

You need a short period to center yourself before heading for work. This is a time to read, create motivation or journal, or write some tips to lead you through the day.

Reading a short quote, verse, or line of words from a creative material or a positive piece of writing like the Bible, positive quotes, poems, hymns, or motivational books can leave you with words that can steer you all day long.

Our minds can echo the first things we heard or learned. Listening to words that can motivate you can be as effective as someone annoying you early in the morning. The difference is that it is positive this time.

4. Do some sort of light cardio or stretches to get your blood flowing.

Exercise is a life booster. Constant exercise enhances good health by reducing the risk of heart disease and obesity, strengthening the muscles and bones, and creating positive mindfulness.

It is important to do exercise each time you wake up in the morning. Continuous morning exercise keeps you alert and vibrant enough to function for the whole day.

You may not need to engage in time-consuming exercises if you are a working class that leaves home early. A simple workout or jogging can take you there.

5. Drink a large glass of water to rehydrate and jump-start your metabolism.

It is medically recommended to drink at least a glass of water early in the morning after you wake up from sleep. This is because our body often gets dehydrated during sleep, especially if one had visited the restroom or sweated during the night hours.

Water also helps to flush toxins from our system and aid in digestion, reducing constipation and improving bowel movement. There are a lot of reasons it's necessary to take water early in the morning which shall be discussed in our next post.

6. Try some cups of coffee:

Coffee is well known as a morning beverage but most people take coffee without knowing how much good they have done for themselves. Drinking coffee is known to improve cognitive function. It also reduces the risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Researches also show that people who take coffee regularly have less chance of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). 

What To Do Every Morning to Feel Positive All Day Long

The caffeine in coffee is a great thing to discuss here. Coffee contains caffeine which helps to boost performance and alertness. It is, however, advised that you take no more than five cups of coffee a day. A cup of coffee in the morning is enough to boost your positive feelings and performance.

7. Eat a nutritious breakfast:

You need to eat a breakfast that defines a balanced diet. Such food must contain proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs to give you sustained energy throughout the day. An energetic person would always have what it takes to be productive and positive.

Good breakfast can make you feel happy while poor food degenerates your body, hinder brain function, and kill positive vibes. Although a lot of people are used to leaving home without eating, it is not a recommended approach unless otherwise recommended. Breakfast does much more than just eating the food.

The kind of food you eat in the morning can define your feelings for the day. You do not want to feel exhausted after a little work because of hunger or feel stomach pain as a result of a poor diet.

Monitoring your breakfast and the kind of food you eat in the morning can go a long way to make you feel positive all day long.

8. Clean your room and make your bed as soon as you wake up:

A lot of people do not know how important it is to make a bed and keep a room tidy after waking up. Besides keeping your space tidy, making your bed in the morning after you wake up propels some sense of accomplishment. It brings a feeling of positivity and relief.

It may not be obvious why you feel that optimistic after you left home but so many things contribute to both the good and bad feelings you have when you go out there.

Also, there is this feeling that comes when you get back from work and find it comforting to roost on your bed without having to worry about how to sweep or find your bedspread from where you shoved it the previous night.

Find it a routine to make your bed each time you wake up in the morning. It helps to boost positive feelings and a sense of accomplishment for the whole day.

9. Review your goals for the day and make a game plan for how you will achieve them:

You have made plans for the new day. Your timetable and all you need to optimize the new day is set since the beginning of the day, or at most, the previous day.

It is time for you to review your goals for the day. Think about how to achieve those goals. Waking up in the morning without target goals and priorities brings a feeling of emptiness, vanity, and void. If this happens every time, it can lead to depressing emotions and kill positive vigor.

If you have not made plans for the new day, it is not too late to follow our time management guide.

After your day is well scheduled, think of means to make those plans productive. Once you can meet your schedules and game plans, positivity is sure.

10. Limit screen time for the first hour or so after waking up:

This may sound impossible or weird to those who are addicted to electronic gadgets like mobile phones, PC, or social media.

We are not undermining how much value those devices and online engagement have in your life. However, the light from your electronic gadgets can cause early stress and avoidable distraction.

Limiting your screen time for a few hours of waking up will give your mind time to wake up gradually. Once your mind is alert, it is much easier to be effective and positive enough to tackle the new day.

11. Get out in nature:

Even if it’s just for a few minutes – to ground yourself and appreciate the beauty around you, it is necessary.

Living in the city is challenging in this aspect because there are no places to see nice fields and sweet singing birds very early in the morning. You do not need to go on the safari before you can connect with nature. There are several ways to make this happen.

Things To Do Every Morning to Feel Positive All Day Long

You can look at the early sunrise, it is so beautiful to behold. The birds in the sky swerving the air in the morning sky can also be a great show. There are many things around to imagine about the wonders of his creation.

Ironically, if there is no nature around, observe the beauty of the cockroaches in your cupboard or those ants dragging your sugar cubes.

Creating this moment of natural connection induces positivity, optimism, and gratification.

12. Keep alive and be ready to go:

It is very important to prepare for the new day in both body and mind. You are bound to encounter several things and several people. Some experiences may not always be promising. Of course, most of our days are full of challenges pose either by the tasks we take or by people we meet.

You have to also make up your mind about what you can never do, say, or where you can never go for the day.

"I will not quarrel or fight today. I cannot give up today. I must make it today." These are a few tips for decisions you can make every morning before leaving home to feel positive always.

13. Greet people around you:

Saying good morning to your neighbors or someone you encounter first in the morning is a great way to begin your day positively.

There is a feeling of positivity and clear-mindedness in greeting people. It costs nothing to greet your roommate, partner, or neighbor. Such manners can help eradicate any negative feelings you had toward that individual thereby enhancing your positive feelings for the day.

14. Avoid negative morning encounters:

Having to quarrel with anyone in the morning is a bad way to begin your day. Avoid any encounter that might repress your aura. If anyone tries to upset you, see it as a temptation you must overcome.

If there is anyone around you that makes you grow a sense of animosity, it is time to try to avoid every form of hatred and bad emotions that might infringe on your sense of positivity. There is no gain in hating or clenching bitterness against anyone.

Hurting your mind or filling it with bitterness and loathe in the morning can disrupt your game plan for the day.

It is your day that defines your years and how you live your entire life. That's why every day matters.

Finally, you can feel positive all day long. It only requires that you begin your morning with all the activities that can boost your alertness and positive emotions. It helps if you apply the above tips in your life because what you experience day by day can mold your personality, character, and life experience.
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