How To Combat Loneliness: 10 Tips to Help You Feel Connected Again

How To Combat Loneliness: 10 Tips to Help You Feel Connected Again

What you need to know about loneliness

Loneliness is the state of being alone or feeling lonely, isolated, rejected, or disconnected. When we hear “loneliness”, what comes to mind is being physically lonely, however, this is not often the case.

Millions around the world are emotionally lonely even when they have so many people around them. Although physical loneliness poses a serious threat, emotional loneliness is worst because it can affect one’s mental health, social life, and peak performance.

Many felt the remedy to their lonely life was to get married but when they get there, they feel lonelier and emptier than ever. Of course, you can feel lonely, not only because no one is there, but because of the way you think and feel about people around you, which influences how you interact with them. Your thoughts and mindset connects and influences your reality, and the world around you.

Who are those affected by loneliness?

Loneliness is a common feeling, one that can strike any of us at any time. Whether you are going through a tough break-up, facing life challenges, have moved to a new city, taking a hiatus from socializing, or are simply feeling isolated, it is important to know that you are not alone in your feelings. Yes, it is normal to feel lonely; many people are in the same shoes as you.

But just because loneliness is normal, doesn’t mean it’s not painful. Loneliness can have serious consequences on our physical and mental health. It can cause depression and lowliness. It is, therefore, important to find ways to combat loneliness when we are feeling it.

While it may seem like there is no way to combat loneliness, there are quite a few things you can do to make yourself feel more connected.

Below are 10 Tips to Help You Combat Loneliness and Feel Connected Again

1. Understand that you are not alone:

The truth is that we all have lonely lives and secrets we cannot share with people. We all have a lonely experience that we cannot share even with our closest partners, but that does not mean we are alone.

"You are not alone unless you chose to be alone."

You are not alone in your current situation, and you are not alone even when you feel that you are alone. There are many people out there for you. They care about you, only that they may not live up to your expectation.

Sometimes, your mind can lie to you that no one is there for you. That family does not care does not mean that you are solitary.

2. Make yourself available to others:

There are many people out there in need of someone like you to associate with. Do not lock yourself indoors. Make yourself available to people around you.

Begin a conversation if no one chats you up. Smile with people to make them come closer to you. Being too serious and looking sad or harsh can scare people aware. Make yourself available both physically and emotionally.

3. Get involved in your hobbies and interests:

There must be something that interests you. What is your hobby? Passion can give you emotional satisfaction and make you forget about your worries.

When you place your time only on work or financial hunts, it would reach a time you begin to feel empty and void. You have to go after your hobby. It can be sports, writing, reading, or any indoor or outdoor engagement.

You have to seek out social activities that interest you. There are many such activities out there. It can be a cinema, comedy shows, vigils or what have you.

4. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there:

At times being shy can deny you the chance of meeting the people you need in your life. Put yourself out there for people to see you and know you. By so doing, they will come for you.

What makes you feel lonely? Do you think you need a partner? Put yourself out there for people to know. Even if you can not express it directly, take indirect moves.

5. Reach out to old friends:

There are many friends you spent your childhood together. Not all your friends may have rejected you. Some are just overwhelmed by life engagements such that they forget to check on you.

Take the step to reach out to your old friends. Try a reconnection process and see them return to your life like never before.

6. Connect with nature:

You are blessed not only with the gift of life. Everything around you is there to make you live better. Try to connect with nature by going out to the fields. Take photos with beautiful creatures and listen to the sweet singing birds.

Tips to Help You Combat Loneliness and Feel Connected Again

Visit beaches and all the natural things around you. Construct beautiful imaginations to make you feel connected. The feeling nature itself brings can create an amazing emotion and imagination that scare away your loneliness.

The beautiful flowers, sweet singing birds, the gushing springs, the lush green meadows and fields are all there to beautify the world we live. Appreciate them and use them to bless your life.

7. Volunteer in your community and social services:

Volunteering services can create a passion, keeps you busy, and bring people into your life. Even if you have an ‘isolated personality’, by engaging in social services, people will come to realize that you are a good person to associate with.

Maybe you have a bad history that keeps people away from you, but once they begin to see your community services, they will come to terms with the new you. This can help to put an end to your loneliness and whatever makes people stay away from you.

8. Seek out new experiences:

Life can be so boring if you stick to the status quo. So many people that engage in just one activity and place all their lives in their work end up losing friends and loved ones.

Sticking to a routine activity can also affect mental health, or even cause depression. You have to seek out new experiences. Give work a break to create a chance for other things that matter in life.

Most times people are connected by what they have in common which can be skill, hobby, or lifestyle. By trying new things, you are creating an avenue to meet new people and live a new life that is free from loneliness.

9. Find a community:

You cannot live without belonging somewhere. You have to find a good community that can keep you involved with other people. It can be a charity or religious organization, or a group that sensitizes the public. If you cannot find any community to belong to, you can start one.

Associations, fellowships, communities, or whatever names you call them can make you connected to people and take your loneliness away. Only that you have to avoid any association of evil that can add salts to your injuries.

10. Spend time with loved ones:

Spending time with your loved ones can take away your loneliness.

The more you keep telling people that you are too busy and that you have no time, the more they drift away from you. No! No one has time. We are the ones creating times for everything we do.

Let your loved ones know how busy you are but give them a sense of availability. They will always be there when you need them.

Causes of Loneliness and how to combat loneliness

Conclusively, loneliness is not a good feeling. Although many people feel lonely at some points in their lives, a prolong feeling of loneliness can pose emotional threat and affects one's mental health. Therefore, apply the above tips to combat loneliness and feel connected again. Once you actualize this goal, you can learn how to maintain friends and people you have in your life in order not to lose them again.

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