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There Shall Be New Life for Me Lyrics

Stanza 1

While I am in this world of sins,

Where Violence is all around,

When troubles seem to let me down,

And I feel my life is gone,

When I am overwhelmed by grief,

And have no source of joy in me,

My hope is built on Christ alone,

He's the strength and joy for me.

Stanza 2

In woes and sorrows of this life,

When temptations come my way,

Though I walk through the shadows of death,

And my joy is less but pains,

I am comforted by his words,

Of truth and way to way to where I hail,

This world is just of void and vain,

There is a home prepared for me.

Stanza 3

Through the storms and trials of this world,

While my race on earth is run,

In ups and downs of this rough way,

Where no rest can now be found,

Some times my soul grow weak,

And filled with fear to reach its home above,

But I am only strong because,

There is a home prepared for me.


Stanza 4

I am  glad my blessed Savior,

Is the Way, the Truth and Life,

In trials and temptations I know,

My Savior is still alive,

He loves me 'cause he died for me,

And has prepared a home for me,

So when my labors here is over,

He shall give me rest and peace.


My faith is on Jesus alone,

The only way to life above,

So when my works on earth is o'er,

I know,

There shall be new life for me.

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There Shall Be New Life For Me | Modern Hymns by Inspired Scoop

About There Shall Be New Life for Me hymn:

Songwriter: Abas Obot

Year written: 2011

Year of Online Publication: 2022

Available Format: Sofa notation, Staff notation, Melody and Lyrics

There Shall be New Life for Me is a modern hymn dedicated to Christians suffering persecution, suffering and trials around the world.

The hymn was originally composed in 2011 but revised in 2014 amidst the rise of terrorism and bombings in Northern Nigeria that led to the death of thousands and displacement of millions in the region, mostly Christians.

It is a hymn and message of hope, comfort and to inspire the believers to keep on their faith in God.

You can download it for use in church or religious purposes. However, this hymn is under creative common license and should not be used for commercial purposes.

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