15 Signs of Unfaithfulness to Know a Cheating Partner

Signs of Unfaithfulness to Know a Cheating Partner

Unfaithfulness or what is simply referred to as "cheating" is one of the major challenges in relationships and marriages. Not many people can tolerate their partners having affairs with others beside them. The reason unfaithfulness is not welcomed in most relationships can be emotional where an individual can't just bear a cheating partner or health reasons.

While there are many causes of unfaithfulness, the consequences of indulging in multiple intimate activities is also much. It exposes the cheater and the partner to sexually transmitted diseases and can even destroy the relationship.

It can be hard to know when one's partner is cheating. This is because some unfaithful partners are so skilled in the act such that you cannot see the trail of their promiscuity. Seeing them in the act is the best way to be very sure. Nonetheless, where your partner is good enough to erase evidence, you can still know if they are cheating through their behaviors, lifestyle, or detecting relationship red flags.

The following are signs that your partner is cheating on you:

1. Strict Privacy Rules and secrecy

When two people are in romantic relationships, they tend to disclose even their privacy to one another. Such privacy may include personal privacy, security passwords, personal information, in some cases financial data. Maintaining strict privacy is even possible during dating, but a lot changes during marriage.

When you spouse suddenly begin to be too confidential with her movement, phone calls, chats and messages, it might be a sign that he/she is cheating. Even though there is no unfaithfulness in this case, there is undeniably something going on that she is hiding from you.

2. Constant revalidation Requirement

Partners who cheat, especially female partners, are fond of making constant revalidation request. She would begin to ask "Do you trust me?, "Do you really love me?, "Are we really going to marry me?", and many other related questions. Some of these questions may even come as a surprise when nothing wrong is going on between you. Unnecessary repetition of such questions either mean that she is cheating, or she has seen someone else who she is developing interest on. It might also be that you are the one making her lose confidence in you. Therefore, before reaching conclusion on this subject, get to the root of why such a question suddenly become a constant topic.

3. Reluctance in intimate activity

So many things can kills the urge for intimacy and romance between partners, but nothing does like unfaithfulness. When a partner cheats, all you see most times is constant excuses during intimate time. Where a spouse that was once lovely begin to withdraw or feel reluctant during intimate moments, then something is wrong. It is either he/she have alternative means to get satisfaction or there is no more love in the relationship. It can also be that you have hurt your partner making him/her to retain that annoyance that inhibit the urge for romance. Note that self gratification can also lead to a satisfaction that substitutes partner-partner intimacy. Try to find out first the root cause, if there is no option, then your partner might be cheating.

3. "I don't care" attitude

People who are still emotionally connected are known to care about each other's feelings and well-being. Where your partner begin to lose interest in your feeling or what you think or say, then it might be a sign that he/she is cheating. A partner who has an emotional affair with another person can also become disconnected in the relationship. An "I don't care" attitude can also result from hidden anger or other factors that make the relationship uninteresting. 

4. Disrespect and toxic behaviors

In most relationships, disrespect has become a norm but that is not how it is supposed to be. Respecting a partner is one of the major means to prove love. Traditionally, the only way a man can know that a lady loves him is how much she respects him. Once a partner begins to act toxic, disrespectfully and annoying, it could mean that she is cheating. Most women become nagging and insulting when there is no more interest in the relationship. It might not be that she is cheating but it means she no more care about your feelings. A toxic relationship can be a sign of unfaithfulness.

5. Sudden changes in their dreams and life goals

Dreams and life goals can bring two people together. When someone you once shared common dreams and goals together begin to have a different life objectives that does not align with yours any longer, there is no doubt about him/her being unfaithful. It could be that your partner has found someone else whose goals are more interesting than the ones you shared together. It can also mean that he/she has been exposed to a new form of guidance besides a cheat mate, like a external bad influence. All you need to do is to get closer and find out the real cause of the sudden changes. If he/she refuses to explain, then something is fishy.

6. Drastic change in lifestyles and hobbies

Hobbies and lifestyles are some of the compatibility factors people consider when choosing a partner. When lifestyle changes, there is a high chance for the relationship either ending or losing the initial bonding. If someone you once loved and cherished to the point of starting a relationship suddenly takes a different personality, then something is truly wrong. Most people tend to adjust their lifestyles to align with those they love. When they find a new love, there is bound to be a slight switch in lifestyles or hobbies.

7. Relationship red flags

Red flags can come in different forms. It can be in form of some of the things we have listed in this article such as nagging, lost of interest in the relationship or abuse. When you observe danger or signs that your relationship or marriage might soon come to an end, it can be a sign that your partner is cheating and beginning to slowly replace you.

Quarrelling partners

8. Excessive caring and gifting

You see your partner who behaved normally in the relationship beginning to care too much and you wonder what is happening. It could mean that the person has changed for good. It can also mean that your partner is trying to please you in order to blind your eyes. Yes, someone partners can pretend to be nice when their intention is to make you forget about the reality that they are cheating on you. You only need to be wise and not allow their gift and excesses to stop you from being you.

9. Constant lies

You have to lie to cover-up a dubious behavior. When people cheat, they lie a lot to prevent their partners from knowing the truth. When your suspicious partner begin to lie so much that you don't trust whatever they say anymore, then he/she might be cheating.

10. Accusing you of unfaithfulness

Accusing an innocent partner of cheating is one way to cheat in peace. If you have not engaged in any suspicious act of unfaithfulness, yet your partner keeps acting suspicious of you, it could be that your partner is cheating. Those who cheat always think that their partners are cheating too.

11. You constantly feel their infidelity

When you constantly feel that your partner is cheating, you might be right. Although your feelings can deceive you, sometimes, it can also be your instinct detecting the reality. Your feeling can emanate from your suspicion or observation. 

12. Internet and social media addiction

Online dating is one of the ways many cheat on their partners nowadays. It mostly begin from only flirting before it emanates into something much more serious. Most unfaithful partners these days began their journey on social media or dating platforms. When your partner is so addicted to social media and the internet such that they no more give you their times, it could mean you are in relationship with a cheater. However, if you realize that it not due to unfaithfulness, you can help your partner recover from addiction easily to return your relationship back to normal.

13. Poor communication

Communication is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy relationship. In every relationship that is still lively, partners do not communicate just to please the other, but because they cannot do without hearing from the other. One of the main signs that a relationship may be heading to its end is when communicate ceases or loss of interest in hearing from one another.

Lovers kissing

When a partner cheats, the urge to stay deeply connected reduces and that manifests in form of poor communication. The reason your partner no more talks to you as it was in the past is either he is losing interest in the relationship or someone else has taken your place in his heart. Communication between partners is vital for a relationship to work but it mostly changes pattern when one partner cheats or intend to cheat.

14. Financial unaccountability

Your partner is working and earning a good income but he does not have any responsibility, project or investment, yet no one knows what he is spending his money on. Sometimes, it might be that he/she is into a secret project or savings that is taking his income regularly. However, where there is nothing at all your partner can present as where is money is going to, it might be that he/she is cheating. People who cannot stick to one partners do not mind spending their money on strangers for sexual satisfaction. This may not be the case in every circumstance, but most womanizers have this in common.

15. Emotional disconnection

When a partner cheats, you might begin to feel disconnected emotionally. The disconnection can come from each or both sides. When you observe that your partner had lost emotional connection in the relationship or both of you no more feel any form of connection, it is time to prepare. Even if cheating is not involved, your partner may be in an emotional affair with another person that leads to a disconnection from you. Unfaithfulness leads to loss of interest and deep emotions like love.


You do not need to conclude that your partner is cheating by merely suspecting some unusual behaviors or lifestyle. People go through a lot, even things they cannot share with their closest friends or partner. Mental health related challenges like depression or anxiety can make one lose interest even in communication and romance. That is why it is good to get to the root of every thing that bothers you in a relationship before reaching a conclusion.

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