10 Notable Signs of a Toxic Relationship and How to Deal with It

Many in toxic relationships don't know that their relationship is not a healthy one. Most of them keep enduring the union despite seeing all kinds of red flags and signs of impending danger. Sometimes, because of the emotional bond they have already created between themselves, and misinterpret it as love.

Remaining in a relationship with toxic signs is one of the most dangerous decisions for anyone to ever make. You can think it is going to get better but it's not always the case. A toxic relationship is not only bad for your mental and emotional health but some have lost their lives trying to keep calm in a toxic relationship.

Why a Toxic Relationship is Dangerous

Notable signs of a toxic relationship

- Constant getting hurt by a toxic partner can affect your mental health.

- A toxic relationship can affect your emotions and make you bitter.

- A toxic relationship may never give rise to a successful marriage.

- A toxic relationship alters family happiness and cooperation.

- Children raised by toxic parents are likely to face difficulty experiencing good parenting.

- A toxic relationship can lead to a fatal confrontation that might devastate both partners.

- There is high chance of siblings rivalry among children from a toxic family.

These are signs you are in a toxic relationship

1. Constant cheating

If your partner constantly cheats on you, it is a sign that you are in a toxic relationship. Most people, especially cheat when they are no longer emotionally connected to their partners. Some can also cheat due to hypersexuality and other factors. Nonetheless, while cheating can happen out of emotional weakness, circumstance, or lack of self-control, constant cheating is a deliberate action. It simply means your partner doesn't care anymore about that relationship or your feelings. You need to either quit such a toxic relationship or find an urgent solution.

2. Violence and physical abuse

Violent behaviors between partners are a sign things aren't going well. If your partner constantly abuses you physically, there is no other word to describe the toxicity of a relationship over this. A toxic relationship that leads to the stage of physical abuse is beyond any description. Once you experience physical abuse in a relationship, it could mean you are in a toxic relationship.

3. Impertinence and public shaming

A good relationship has many indicators one of which is respect. Disrespect, embarrassment, and public shaming are signs you are in a toxic relationship. It does not even need to happen more than once. If your partner disrespects or harasses you without apology or remorse, it might be a sign that the relationship might soon become a toxic one if it's not already.

4. Selfishness

Love comes with giving as a sign of care. Giving in this case must be from both parties, especially if they are capable of supporting one another. Where one partner is the one taking the whole load of provision while the other thinks it's all about him/her, there is bound to be an overload for one person. If your partner is too selfish, you are in a toxic relationship. Even if it does not feel that way, it could be a red flag.

5. Lack of manners

A relationship where your partner lacks good morals and manners is a toxic one. Such a partner will not know boundaries and what is good or bad. In the long run, it might reach a point where bearing the mess is no more possible. Remain in such a relationship only if you are ready to bear the pains.

6. High sense of insecurity

While insecurity might set in sometimes in a relationship, too much feeling of insecurity in a relationship makes it toxic. When a partner is having insecurity as an issue, he/she is bound to behave weirdly, suspect, or even accuse the other partner. This can lead to complex issues and misunderstandings.

7. Gaslighting or emotional manipulation

Does your partner always make you feel guilty or play around with your emotions when you know it's not your fault? That is a very red flag indicating a toxic relationship. Gaslighting could be a sign that your partner is trying to take advantage of you and that is not good news.

8. Forced union

A relationship or marriage is supposed to be a consensual agreement between two adults. If you were forced into that relationship, it's already having a toxic beginning and no matter how good it goes, it might become toxic in the future. A forced relationship is not a promising one.

9. Sexual slavery

Intimacy is a major aspect of romance. Although the primary purpose of a sexual relationship is for procreation, it is also vital to create an emotional bond between partners as well as recreation and pleasure. The problem is that such intimate moments can be abused, for instance, when a partner ignores or hurts the feelings of the other. If your partner constantly abuses you during intimate moments by ignoring your suggestions or creating avoidable pains, it could be that such a partner does not care. Remaining in such a relationship is not recommendable.

10. Strict rules

It is alright to have principles and stick to one's values but when these values become too pronounced in a relationship, it becomes a barrier. Being too stiff can make the opposite partner live in fear and lack the freedom of expression which impedes communication in the relationship. Any relationship whereby your partner commands you with strict rules is a toxic one. Although someone has to be strict sometimes, there should always be a chance for negotiation.

11. Lies and lack of trust

Any relationship built on the foundation of lies and distrust can't last. If you don't trust your partner or observe that he/she constantly lies to you, you are in a toxic relationship that may not yield a positive outcome. Trust is one of the main requirements in every successful relationship. Tolerating generic lies is one of the worst mistakes you can make in a relationship.

12. Lack of Emotional connection

If you don't have feelings for your partner, or you observe that your partner does not have feelings anymore for you, that relationship is already heading to becoming toxic. Every romantic relationship is a subject of emotion. When there's no emotional connection, there is no point suffering in it. The truth is that misunderstandings can be resolved but when it comes to getting connected again, it can be a serious thing.

How to Deal with a Toxic Relationship

How to deal with a toxic relationship

  • Quit the relationship

One way to deal with a toxic relationship is to quit. It is a great mistake to remain in a relationship after seeing all the signs and red flags that it will not work. Quitting closes all the pages and gives you a time to breath.

  • Think about your decisions

If you observe that you are in a toxic relationship with the signs listed above, think about it. Consider if you can endure such a relationship in a long-term event like marriage. Think about what you stand to gain or lose before taking the decision to stay or quit.

  • Seek counselling

Meet relationship experts and let them know your challenge. A good relationship expert will ask questions that will enable him to offer you a solution for the toxic relationship you have found yourself.

  • Begin to withdraw

Often times, people fail to quit a toxic relationship because they have developed deep emotion for the toxic partner. It is easier to make a step away if you begin the withdrawal process slowly. When you are emotionally disconnected, making informed decision will be possible.

In conclusion, being in a toxic relationship is dangerous. Identifying the early and notable signs of a relationship that is going to be toxic and finding a way out from it is the solution. This article already provides you with a list of signs of a toxic relationship and possible remedy. Read and share it.

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