My Imagination, A Poem

My Imagination, A Poem

My Imagination

My imagination is as vast as the ocean,
Flowing about from coast to coast,
Packing grains from the edge of the shores,
Thinking about where to lay them off,

Thoughts and feelings of this frosty night,
Filling the space I should have for you,
If this is how it feels to be in love,
Then loving you would be more like a job,

I would need a space to create our world,
And a steppe to plant our Eden,
Tilling the ground with sweat on my face,
That would be harsh for a gentleman to bear,

The reason I only love you in my imagination,
Wishing you were mine for all of my days,
Thinking about how to shoot my shot at you,
Yet something within keeps me on hold,

Promise me you can be my queen,
Even when I am yet to own a throne,
I'll give you my world and all that's in it,
If that's fine, then we are good to go,

I promise you a rose from the garden of God,
And a diamond ring made with crystals of life,
Wedding gown sourced from angels' feathers,
Cause you are the one sent from above.

Otherwise, let me solitarily swim in my stream of bliss,
Waiting for the time the right one would come,
I prefer to kiss you only in my dreams,
Instead of loving you like a factory job.

About the Poem, My Imagination

"My Imagination, A Poem" is a free-verse quatrain written as a figurative expression of lofty fantasies associated with the complex thoughts of love, romance, responsibilities and the limitations rooted in modest social/economic status.

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous January 6, 2023 at 12:09 AM

    Interesting poem

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous January 6, 2023 at 8:13 AM

    Wow... Catchy verse ❤️

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