How to Make Money with Your Car: Best Side Hustling Tips for Car Owners

Cars are some of the most popular means of transportation worldwide. For many, a car is not just a means of transportation but a luxury, hence, owning a car is not something everyone can accomplish. If you can afford a car, then you might be one of the few people who are privileged enough to live above the means.

How to Make Money with Your Car

The problem with owning a car is that you need to have enough money for its maintenance as well. Therefore, it makes no sense to own a car without having constant source of income for your survival and car maintenance. In most cases, car owners maintain their private cars from the money they earn from their jobs or other businesses. Nevertheless, if you have lost your job or have little income that is not enough to maintain your car and take car of your bills, you can use your car for lucrative businesses that bring money. Using your car for financial gains is one of the ways you can make money from home. That is why we re here to tell you how to make money with your car as a side hustle.

You can make money with your car through the following:

1. Begin food or goods delivery program

Most fast food companies offer online food delivery service. You can partner with those organizations to deliver food to their customers while earning in the process. All you need to do is to locate a fast food or a restaurant to negotiate with them to become their delivery agent.

2.Use your car for advertisement

There are many companies ready to pay you money just to paint your car with their advertisement designs. You can make the deal as a periodic contract which will bring you income each time you renew it. Search for business organizations offering such advertisement opportunity and partner with them. You can make money with your car through this method and it will not affect your time, schedule or work.

3. Join ride-hailing services

Ride-hailing services are popular shared mobility program that anyone who owns a car can join to make money independently. The most popular ride-hailing services are Uber, Bolt, Didi and Lyft. You can sign-in to this programs through their mobile applications and become their rider, using your own car. The good part of this services is that you can offer it at convenience while the ride-hailing company takes care of the whole scheduling and management program for you. Most of these organizations employ FinTech and other useful tools that can make your money-making journey productive and goal-oriented.

Financial Tips for Car Owners

4. Use it as a taxi or public transportation

You can use your car for public transportation during free time to make money with it. Beside using it specifically for public transportation, most people transport individuals on their way to work and when they return home. Although carrying random individuals on the road can be risky, doing it with care can be a great way to make money with your car. Transportation business is one of the most lucrative jobs that do not require university degree or much qualification. You can make millions of dollars in through this business.

5. Begin car rental service

Why allow your car to be idle? If you cannot drive well to use your car for transportation business or delivery, you can rent it out to people with business terms. Those who have functions or events can rent your car and return it based on your agreement.

Car renting service can bring so much money, but you need to make legal preparations in case of damage. In most cases, a car insurance can save you from the bearing the risk of any misuse alone.

6. Help those who relocate

You can make public awareness to your neighbors about your readiness to use your car for relocation purpose. With this, anyone moving to a new home around your can always contact you for transportation of items. This is one of the safest and most relaxed means to make money with your car. Once more people come to realize that you offer such a service, it becomes a bonus for you as a car owner.

7. Teach people how to drive

Not many people can afford driving school, even those who can afford rarely give it a second thought. You can use your car to teach those who want to learn how to drive. It is all about making the agreement, receiving payment and creating schedules for the training. Meanwhile, it is not advisable to begin this service if you are not very good in driving or not experienced in teaching others how to drive. Any mistake while teaching someone driving can be fatal, so, you have to be cautious.


There are many ways you can make money with your car. As explained in this article, some of such ways include using your car for delivery services, hailing-ride, public transportation, renting and teaching others how to drive. It is left for you to choose which way you want to use your car to make money.

Note: There are many other financial and money-making tips for you. Learn more...

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