19 Unique Qualities in Men that Attract Women

Things Women Like in men

It’s no secret that physical appearance is usually the first thing we notice about people around us, especially when it comes to members of the opposite sex. But while initial attraction is often based on looks, it’s certainly not all that matters when it comes to romantic relationship and bonding compatibility. In fact, research has shown that there are a number of unique qualities that women look for in a male partner or friend, and these go way beyond just physical appearance.

So, if you’re wondering what it is that women really look for in men and feel attractive, don't worry. You are here to solve that puzzle. Below are 20 of the most important and unique qualities that you should aim to possess as a man if you want to be attractive to the opposite sex, according to experts:

1. A vibrant sense of humor

One of the most unique qualities that women look for in a man is a good sense of humor. Having good sense of humor means being funny, making others to laugh and loving to laugh and play along. It is often said laughter is the best way to win a girl’s heart. Yes, humor is an attractive trait in a potential mate, and women are particularly drawn to men with a strong sense of humor.

One study shows that women tend to prefer men who make them laugh while men tend to prefer women who laugh at their jokes

According to a study published in Evolutionary Psychology, women rated men with a better sense of humor higher in both short-term and long-term mating contexts. In the study, women rated men with a good sense of humor as more intelligent, attractive, and overall desirable than those with a poor sense of humor. Additionally, women were more likely to express an interest in having a long-term relationship with these men.

In another article published in Psychology Today, Dr. John M. Grohol explains that men with a strong sense of humor are attractive to women because they come across as confident and secure. A man with a strong sense of humor can make a woman feel more relaxed and comfortable in social situations. Dr. Grohol explains that women often view a man’s ability to make them laugh as an indicator of his intelligence and social skills.

It has also been discovered that couples who laugh together have a stronger relationship and are more likely to stay together longer over those who don't have time to catch fun. So, if you can make a woman laugh, you’re already on to a win. This brings a question, do comedians have more female admirers?

2. Self-confidence and Personality Comportment

Self-confidence is another hugely important quality that women find attractive in men. Women feel attracted more to men who show no signs of nervousness or vulnerability, as opposed to those who lack self-confidence.

Self-confidence quote

Women see confidence as a sign of power and decisiveness which means such a man can as well protect and care for them; the two things women really need need in men. This requirement is an evolutionary trait that is hardwired into the female brain. Every female animal, including humans grow to understand that males are supposed to protect and take-up responsibilities.

3. Expensive and Luxurious Appearance

Women are highly attracted to men who appear to be rich, even if they are not. Some women, especially the younger ones can be easily lured by what they see, even when it is different from the reality.

In a research published on the US National Library of medicine by the British Journal of Psychology, Evolution, Mind and Behavior, and title "Effect of Manipulated Prestige-car Ownership on Both Sex Attractiveness Ratings", women were found to be more attracted to men who posed in expensive cars and luxuries.

The research shows that unlike women, male participants were not influenced by status manipulation or high class quality, as there was no significant difference between attractiveness ratings for the female seated in the high status compared to the neutral status motor vehicles.

Rich men standing by an expensive car

The study also showed that despite a noticeable increase in female ownership of prestige/luxury cars over recent years, males, unlike females, remain oblivious to such cues in matters pertaining to opposite-sex attraction.

Therefore, if you want ladies to be attracted to you, become rich or just look wealthy and take photos with nice cars, even if you do not have one. Load your social media profiles with these photos and appear luxurious as well in real life. High class quality in men can attract beautiful ladies.

4. Neatness and Smart Dressing

Women like men who are neat, clean and dress well. Most women do not like dirty men but they are highly attracted to men who look neat and know how to combine their dressing to match each other. An average woman will consider your shoes, belt, shirts and trousers before even offering you her attention.

Well-dressed man

Some women may not even wait for you to have a serious conversation with them if you are not properly dressed or if you look untidy. They believe that men who take proper care of themselves are responsible men and can as well take care of others. So, if she's been denying you attention, try dressing smart and be unique in your wears.

5. Eloquence

Women like men who are expressive and outspoken; the orator. When you can speak fluently and always air your views as well as having contributions to discussions, you have a great chance of attracting ladies around you. Being eloquent enhances good communication in relationship. In addition, the ability to convey clear messages promotes bonding in relationship. You also have the ability to talk her heart to yourself.

6. Deep or Heavy Voice

Women are more attracted to men with deep voice or lower-pitched voices over men who have lighter voice. This is because most women associate deep voice with strength and confidence, some of the masculine characteristics women expect from men.

One research showed that Women tend to trust men with low-pitched voices as political leaders. A study also found that women typically rate lower-pitched men’s voices as more attractive than they rate higher-pitched men’s voices.

Unfortunately, most women perceive that men with lower-pitched voices are relatively less likely to be sexually faithful. The aspect of lacking trust in men with deep voice is attributed to the fact that most women think men with lower voices attract other women as well.

7. Not Too Handsome

Handsomeness as a quality should be something that everyone admires. Nonetheless, how women feel about good looking and handsome men is somehow oxymoronic. It's no secret that women are attracted to good looking men. They like handsome men and would likely wish to take photos and feel proud around them.

Handsome man

Some women might blur the face of an ugly man who appears in their photos. Meanwhile, studies have shown that women prefer men with symmetrical faces and that they find men with facial scars more attractive. This is because some believe handsome men cannot be faithful because other women come after them as well.

So for an average woman, a man just need to look normal (not too handsome or ugly) for them to prefer a serious relationship. The reason most women like men with some tough look or scars on the face is that they assume such men might have fought at some point and can also stand for them. Women simply don't like men with feminine attributes.

8. Celebrity Height

Taller men are often seen as more dominant and as less likely to be dominated by others. This may be why women are attracted to taller men. The most ironic part of this is that short women would do anything to get a tall man over women who are already very tall. This does not mean that short men do not look attractive, of course, they do. There are many other things in men that attract women besides height as listed in this article.

9. Muscle mass

Muscular men are often seen as more physically dominant and as more capable of defending, protecting, and standing for their mates or families. And women are addicted to men with masculine attributes and men who are equal to the task.

Muscle mass in this case does not need to be too clumsy but a perfect build-up. That implies that you don't need to live in the gym to become an attractive man to women, simple exercise and physical activities can offer you a nice body shape for a woman's liking.

10. A healthy body

Healthy man

Women are attracted to men who are free of disease and who have a healthy body. This is likely because a healthy body is a sign of good genes. Most women would not accept men that fall sick every time. They visualize it as a sign of weakness and the last thing any woman needs in a man is weakness.

11. A strong jawline

A strong jawline is a sign of good health and is often seen as a sign of masculinity. This may be why women are attracted to men who have their jawline in perfect shape with strength that one can easily see from a distant. Men with strong jawlines look more masculine over soft-looking faced men.

12. Respectfulness

Women love men who command respect, whether that respect is any way round. In other words, if you respect her and others around you, she will likely admire you. Also, if you are well respected in the society, you are still a hot cake for the ladies. The reason for the former is that a man who respects others is expected to treat his woman kindly. But for the later, a man that is well respected in the society will also command similar respect on the woman in his life.

13. Emotional maturity and mentorship ability

Ladies like men who are emotionally matured and able to offer them helpful guide or mentorship. Most women can ignore this attribute as the relationship goes but when they want to settle with a man, they would likely consider if such man still have childish behaviors and that can be a negative quality for some women.

14. Ambition or drive

Everyone wants a bright future. If there is any other anything women really want, it is a fulfilled life, a bright future and a partner that will not lead them into future frustration. Almost every woman you find out there seem to be very ambitious when it comes to a serious relationship.

Sometimes you might think being extravagant and living at the moment is what she needs but they are bound to be more concern about your future together over whatever you share at the moment. So when you have unique qualities that shows that your future is bright such as being ambitious and having great dreams, you have a great chance of being the accepted one.

15. Openness

Are you a man that likes to be open? You have some ladies who also admire such quality. There is doubt that some ladies can take advantage of your openness, but when you have this unique quality, you would likely be seen as a sincere person and an faithful man.

When you are not open, you might lose your place in her heart as she would think you are a pretender. Openness is one of the principles of communication, and such quality helps maintain good relationship between partners.

16. Generosity

Women love generous men, being generous is a great quality to attract any woman of your choice. Already, unlike men, a vast majority of women see gift as love and once you are generous to them, they may misinterpret it as a sign of love. They also consider a generous person as a nice person.

17. Honesty

Honesty as a quality is not only about relationship or gender. Everyone likes a honest person. In fact, honesty is one of the core and unique values of morality. Women hate lies. Although they can be easily manipulated to accept lies as the truth; but if they discover that you are a liar, you don't only lose trust but also genuine love.

18. Reliability and attentiveness

Besides security, another self-centered quality ladies women admire in men is reliability. They want a man they can always turn to when they are in need. It is this quality that makes them to need a man's time who can always be there to offer them ears and attention.

19. Friendliness and Sociality

Women like men  who are social and friendly. Friendly men are easily approachable and just as their quality implies, they treat others as friends. This makes it easy for women to feel free around them and likely get attracted by their aura.

Male friends

When you have the ability to keep friends, you can as well keep a good relationship with the opposite gender, hence, you have a place in women's hearts.

Note: No woman likes others to take her place in a man's life. So, the best way to keep friends is to carry her along and ensure that your social life is not outrageous. The best thing is to carry her along in the friendship process. 

20. Intelligence and Smartness (Bonus Point)

Every woman likes an intelligent man who is not just academically intelligent but smart as well. This is mostly the case when it comes to a lasting relationship or marriage proposal. The reason is that women want to be proud of their partners and whatever their partner does can as well bring them honor and respect in the society. They also assume that their children would possibly be as intelligent as the father if the relationship with such man leads to marriage or pregnancy.

In addition, an average woman does not want to lose in a relationship so dating a loser cannot be a choice. Through assumption, there is a believe that intelligent people have bright future so building a life with such men can be promising.

The above qualities are highly attractive to women. So if you are a man, having any of those qualities can make you a kind of man ladies go after. Meanwhile, there is no one that does not have admirers irrespective of the kind of quality you possess. Therefore, it is better to be your best instead of pretending to bear a quality that is strange to your personality.

"In everything you are, being real is the real deal."-Abas Obot
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