Words are not enough to express my passion-Love Poem

Words are Not Enough Poem (Love Poem)

Verse 1
Words are not enough to express my passion,
I feel the need to show my emotion.
I'll take a deep breath and let it out,
My feelings that I'm trying to shout.

Verse 2
My words will try to bring to life,
The depth of love I feel inside.
My words may be too weak to say,
The way I feel, I cannot convey.

Verse 3
My words are not enough to express,
The feelings that I must confess.
My words do not come close to showing,
The love I feel for you overflowing.

Verse 4
My words may be too plain to say,
The depth of love I feel today.
My words may not be enough to show,
The love I feel, I'll never know.

Verse 5
My words may fail to capture,
The intensity of my rapture.
My words will never do,
To express the love I have for you.

Verse 6
My words may not be enough,
To express my deepest love.
But still I'll try to show,
My love that will forever grow.

Love poem: About Words are not enough

About the poem "Words are Not Enough to Express My Passion"

Written in 2023 by Abas Obot, "Words are Not Enough to Express My Passion" is a lyrical quatrain (poem) that speaks about the inability of language to truly express emotions and thoughts.

The poet laments the inability to accurately express what he feels, noting that no matter how many words he uses, he can never quite capture the full range of his feelings.

The poem also expresses a sense of frustration at the inadequacy of language and its inability to capture the beauty and complexity of the world. It speaks to the difficulty of expressing emotions and thoughts, especially when it comes to true love and romance, and highlights the importance of nonverbal communication. Ultimately, the poem suggests that words alone are not enough to fully convey meaning and emotion.
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