Distant Love Poem

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Distant Love (Poem)

Distant love how fair you've treated me!
My body at home, my heart over the lonesome snow,
In the midst of extreme cold like I'm in the Southern pole,
And a heart hanging on a floating hope;

When the blue birds sing into my listening ears,
And the flowers of red roses caught by my lovely stares,
All I feel is a twinkling gleam of love,
Like a dolphin left in a cloudy pond;

Like a blooming meadow in the winter's dawn,
With tons of seedlings trying to spawn,
In joy of water and harshness of the snow,
Yet in hope of beamish sunny show;

What a mimicry of a soulful oxymoron,
A feeling of sultry cold and chilly warmth,
But at the hertz of this dwindling tone,
The voice of love never stops its ringing sound;

Sound of hope, voice of joy,
Joy of a thousand kisses on my brow,
With lavishness of fondly flares,
And hedonistic loving tales.

About the poem 'Distant Love Poem'

Published: 2022
Poet: Abas Obot
Genre: Romantic Poem

This poem is dedicated to those in long distant relationship. Nonetheless, it is intended as a figurative representation of faith, perseverance, patience and hope in midst of doubt and uncertainties.

The subject is in doubt about the said relationship, however, he never stops listening to a voice within which motivates him to keep loving. It indicates that amidst challenges and doubts, something can always keep faith alive.

For you to keep going in your relationship, marriage, business, academics, work or project, you need to listen to that voice within you; the voice of love, voice of hope, voice of faith, patience and perseverance. If you reason to that voice, you can always find a reason to push on. The voice may not sound fainted, but there must always be a sound you should not ignore.

In summary, Distant Love Poem is about the bittersweet feeling of being in love with someone who is far away. The poet expresses their longing for their beloved and their hope that they will be reunited soon. The imagery of winter, birds, and red roses evoke feelings of loneliness, longing, and hope. The poem also speaks to the unique oxymoron of feeling cold and warm at the same time, as well as the power of love that never stops ringing in the heart.

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