Left Alone Poem

Left Alone poem

Left Alone Poem

Back in time, we grew up together,
Believing we’re families cause we came from the same fold,
We weren’t born with silver spoons but that didn’t matter,
We still felt the warmth of love even in the extreme cold;

Older we became, these memories still haunt us to and fro,
Every breath, every memory I saw you as my own,
That you’ve lost that sense of consanguinity is unbeknown,
Why make me feel you’re there when you know I’m left alone?

I met you as a friend, associate, and colleague,
We shared all we could both tasks and vigorous chores,
Right within you’re trying to crush me with beasty jaws,
Why make me feel you’re there when you know I’m left alone?

I grew up like a palm with soft green fronts,
Filled with hope of dawn with a rising sun,
But your awesome smile stole my glowing day,
Down I fall in love to your dazzling ray,

As a strayer, in you, all of me got lost,
But your dazzling light only got me blind,
While you tossed my heart as a mere dice,
Why make me feel you’re there when you know I’m left alone?

Side by side, lie our poor wooden doors,
Every twilight, every dawn we greet ourselves “neighbors”,
But your heart finds my soul to devour;
Why make me feel you’re there when I’m left alone?

Laugh with me if you truly care,
Hate me well if you think I don’t deserve,
You can’t hate me but smile at my very face,
Don’t make me feel you’re there when you know I’m left alone.

About Left Alone Poem

Written: 2020 but published in 2022
Poet: Abas Obot
Genre: Lyrical Poem

"Left Alone Poem" reflects on the loneliness of feeling disconnected from someone close to you. It speaks of the relationship between two people who have grown up together and once shared a deep bond, but have since grown apart and now feel a sense of isolation and abandonment.

The poem expresses the frustration of being unable to reconnect with the person, while they still make efforts to maintain the facade of a relationship. The poem conveys the deep sadness of being left alone in a situation where a person could have been a source of comfort and solace.

It speaks to the feelings of betrayal and abandonment that arise when a person who was once close to you suddenly withdraws their support and love. It expresses the desire for the person to either love or hate the speaker, so that they can know where they stand, rather than being left in an in-between state of confusion.

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